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Copy of Copy of Copy of Year 7 Lesson - The Mosque

Lesson 2/2 on Islam

Mrs Holland

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Year 7 Lesson - The Mosque

The Muslim Place of Worship Conclusion The Mosque 5-5-1 Plenary Traffic lights: What have you learnt this lesson? Write the following key words in your book, leaving space for the definitions:
Complete your key words definitions while you watch the clip.
Listen and watch the clip 'Holy Cribs: The Mosque' In your book, draw a picture of a mosque and a minaret and label the important parts of the mosque. For example, the dome and the minaret.
Lable your mosque by explaining each part and the rituals you noticed in the video. For example, Wudu and the removing of shoes.
Make sure you explain:
1. Why Muslims do not have pictures of people in their mosques.
2. Why men and women sit separately in the mosque. The Mosque Learning Objective:
You will understand the significance of the first mosque: the Ka'ba.
You will interpret the importance of the mosque for Muslims.

Key Words:
Prostration Video Clip Traffic lights: Are there any similarities between the Ka'ba and a mosque? http://www.truetube.co.uk/ethics-and-religion/religious-traditions/holy-cribs-the-mosque Written Task Include the purpose of the Imam, the prayer hall and the library. Examples of mosques The dome keeps the mosque cool, helps the Imam to be heard (acts as a speaker) and represents the universe. It points towards Allah. The minaret is where the call to prayer (adhan) takes place. Years ago, before speakers, one person would have to call a whole city to prayer. In your exercise book, write 5 sentences saying what you have learnt this lesson.
Reduce this to 5 words.
Now, reduce this to just one word.
Everyone will say their one word to the class. Listen to the call to prayer and answer these questions in your book:

Why is the call to prayer important for Muslims?
How does it make you feel? The Adhan Based on what you noticed in the video clip, why do you think the mosque is so important to Muslims? Homework Find five facts about the life of Muhammad. Wudu As we have seen in the clip, wudu is a ritual washing before prayer.
Muslims do this to clean or purify themselves before they communicate with God.
Wudu focuses a Muslim's mind on prayer.
This washing is also a way of keeping the mosque clean and Holy, like the Ka'ba.
Can you remember the steps using the picture?
In your book, write down why wudu is an important part of Muslim worship. Starter Activity In your book, write down as many facts about this object as you can. The Ka'ba The Ka'ba is the centre of Islam.
It was the first ever place of worship for Muslims.
The place where it is built was marked during the time of Adam and Eve by a sacred meteor from heaven. Where is this now?
Muhammad cleansed the Ka'ba of idols and returned it to a place of worship for one God - it is now empty inside other than being decorated with Islamic calligraphy. What is this?
The Ka'ba is anointed with pefumes and oils to keep it clean.
All Muslims face the direction of the Ka'ba when they pray.
Mosques are built all over the world in order to represent the Ka'ba and its importance. 'Muhammad is a very important example for Muslims to follow' Put your book in the green box if you agree, the red box if you disagree and the orange box if you aren't sure.
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