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No description

Jihah Sulaiman

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Paris


Paris, France
A group of 4 friends
Teenagers/Young Adults (students)
For full 2 days
Culture in Paris
Things to do in Paris
Food in Paris
•Hôtel Antin Trinité is centrally located and is only 5 minutes away from the metro.
•The Eurostar will get the group into Gare du Nord which will then only requires a 15 minute Metro journey.
•The Rooms at Hôtel Antin Trinité are perfect for our group of friends, the rooms are brightly decorated and offer TV, a telephone, en suites and sports are available.
•The Hotel provides tour assistance to hep choose activities for the visitors.
2 Rooms for 2 people all together comes
to £440 including tax
= £110 per person

Check in:
Friday 18th Decem ber
Check out:
Monday 21st December
Only 4 minutes away from
the Opera Garnier…

Only 5 minutes away from
Saint-Lazare Metro Station…

Hotel Antin Trinite
Euroline coach
Eurostar train
Many tourists come to Paris to visit the Eiffel tour with a picnic basket includes cheese, brad, wine and maybe croissant.
For the desserts they may have a macaroni
Many tourists come to Paris to visit the Eiffel tour with a picnic basket includes cheese, bread, wine and maybe croissant.
For the desserts they may have a macaroni
The home of great food, Paris has plethora of restaurants offering fantastic French fare
French cheese and bread
There are well over 300, and some say close to a thousand different kinds of cheese in France. To help us keep track of all this cheese, the French like to divide it into eight categories

Time: 4-5 hours
Cost: £34 (one-way.)
Name of the coach: National express, Oxford Tube and Oxford Espress.
Book ticket online: Available.
Link: http://www.goeuro.co.uk/
Bars & Clubs
Wine and croissant in Paris
Metro, RER
(Suburban express railway)
Paris picnic
Paris is the most beautiful city for picnic.
It would be a great idea to do picnic with friends on Paris. It might change the mood.

Shopping and Christmas Markets
No wonder snails dish is important in France, in all the menus Escargot is available.
Boating & Biking
Top budget restaurants on Paris
Because of, the trip is for friends we found few well known budget restaurants for them.

Bistrot Victoires
Breizh Café
La Cantine de la Cigale
Christmas time in Paris restaurants
Staggeringly Expensive (more than 600€ without wine):

*Le Cinq – 700€ will get you a special Christmas menu.
*Le Meurice – for 650€ not including drinks

Expensive :
Le Violon d’Ingrès – for 150€
*Les Ombres – for 170€ per person

Moderate (less than 90€):
*Au Clocher de Montmartre – For 69€
*Chamarré Montmartre – For 89€

From Oxford to Paris
boat down the Seine to see the views from the water or why not use a Barclays Bike around Paris.
Or why not take a audio walked tour though Paris.
Roof Top Bars in Paris.
Famous Clubs
Champs Elysees – Designer avenue
Christmas markets
The Louvre
Musée d’Orsay
National Museum of Modern Art in Paris
….. And many more.
Eiffel Tower
Notre Dame Cathedral
Arc de Triomphè
lle de la cite ( Love Lock Bridge )
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