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MADMEN (and women) at ITSC 11 (Day 2)

A Prezi Cast by Peter Pappas. This post wraps up my work as guest blogger at the Instructional Technology Strategies Conference 2/20-22, 2011 in Portland, Oregon. It was my first ITSC conference - but it won't be my last. A very impressive line up of

Peter Pappas

on 22 October 2011

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Transcript of MADMEN (and women) at ITSC 11 (Day 2)

MAD MEN @ITSC11 and women Writing 1.0 BUD HUNT Talk about why kids are so addicted to their phones Tweets about My first workshop of the day.... Part II Sketchnotes for
Sunday keynote by Sacha Chua
livinganawesomelife.com He looks just like this, but less pixilated We collaborated on a Google doc. 1st Prompt "What does “writing” look like for you? When do you write? Why?" So what do you do after a long day at a tech conference? Previously on MAD MEN ZACH SCHANK Rethink, Relearn: What it means to think, learn and design curriculum ROGER Thanks to Jackie for Tweeting Roger's Top 10 Mistakes in Ed Understanding Network Literacy ALEX COUROS DEAN SHARESKI http://bit.ly/itcsnetworks ALEX DEAN & Show "Digital Dossier" ALEX DEAN & from "Radium Ray" ....... my next stop He sure looks a lot
like Joe Morelock TWITTER STREAM SCOTT ELIAS iLead: iPhone and iPod Touch Leadership Tools and Tech Meaningful Movies
in the Classroom SCOTT MACDONALD DAVID ZACH reported by MIKE GWALTNEY http://urli.st/Egi ITSC11 PREZI CAST By Peter Pappas MAD MEN @ITSC11 and women one more batch of tweets Scroll down for more Or just click forward arrow to stay on path http://www.peterpappas.com
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