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UC San Diego Team Compliance Meeting - 2014

No description

Katie McGann

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of UC San Diego Team Compliance Meeting - 2014

Don't give yourself or UCSD a bad reputation

Spectator Policy
1. Focus on supporting your team

2. Don't use profanity or malicious cheering
Need to Notify Compliance if you Have Received any Outside Scholarships
Why We Meet:
All members of the UCSD Community have a duty
to follow NCAA, CCAA, and UCSD Institutional Policies
This includes staff, coaches, student athletes,
students, faculty, administrations, boosters, fans, etc.
The Compliance Office will provide
accurate education to members

All members are responsible for
knowing the rules before acting

NCAA Violations have the greatest
affect on student-athletes –
ALWAYS ask before you ACT!
Agenda for Today's Meeting
1. UC San Diego Student-Athlete Code of Conduct
2. NCAA Summary of Regulations
3. Academic Eligibility Rules at UC San Diego
4. Resources
UCSD Code of Conduct
Alcohol Policy
Cannot be drinking in any situation that involves athletics
- REGARDLESS if you are 21!

There will be specific penalties for each violation.
Drug Policy & NCAA Testing
Same rules apply to illegal drugs as apply to alcohol.

NCAA Drug-Testing Consent Form: Allows the NCAA to randomly drug test you anytime throughout the year, including the off-season and summer.

Be careful with supplements!
Social Networking
Matt's Law
Hazing can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges

Potentially severe consequences for seemingly harmless activities
Travel Policy
Be a responsible driver when driving teammates for athletic purposes.
i.e. to the airport, outside competition or practice

YOU are responsible for the individuals you are driving!

Independent travel waiver
Sports Wagering

Sports wagering = putting something at risk + opportunity to win something in return

Any NCAA sport at any level

NCAA Summary of Regulations
Continuing Amateur Status
It's the student-athlete's responsibility to maintain, and an institutional duty to certify, ongoing amateur status.
Initial Amateur Status
The NCAA certifies individuals as amateurs prior to initial participation.
A student will lose amateur status if he or she was:

1. Getting paid or receiving benefits for use of your athletic skill in any form in your sport.
2. Accepting a
of pay or benefits for use of your athletic skill, even if the pay/benefits are to be provided after you have exhausted your eligibility.
3. Playing on OR agreeing to play (orally or in writing) on a professional team (regardless if you are paid/not paid).
4. Receiving a salary, expenses, or other benefits from a professional sports organization.
5. Receiving benefits or representation from an
. Includes not being able to make agreement for
6. Impermissible use of name, image or appearance . . .

Use of Name, Image or Appearance
Cannot advertise, promote, or endorse a product/service

Exception for modeling --> Contact Compliance Office

BE CAREFUL, even small reference can imply endorsement
(example – a student athlete referenced in article on product)

Some exceptions for: Institutional, Charitable/"Non-Profit" promotions (Need Compliance Approval)
Employers cannot pay you for work you are not actually doing; OR pay you more than the going rate just because of your athletic ability or reputation.
Private Lessons
A student athlete may perform private lessons in the sport in which they compete.

To be paid for private lessons a student athlete must:
Not use any institutional facility (recreational and athletic);
Get paid only for lessons actually provided and at "going rate";

Financial Aid
Notify compliance if you have received ANY outside scholarships.
(Be aware that some outside awards may not be permissible)
Seasons of Eligibility
Four seasons of competition
Max of five years (15 quarters)
Non-Countable Hours
- Academic meetings, compliance meetings, travel time, rehab, team community service projects
- Voluntary activities
- not reported to coach
- initiated and requested solely by student-athlete
- participation may not be recorded for reporting to coach or other staff member
- no penalty for not participating
Playing and Practice Limitations
1. Maximum of 4 hours per day
2. Maximum of 20 hours per week
3. Competition day counts as 3 hours total
4. At least one day off a week
Limitations for required in season activities:
1.Maximum of 8 hours a week
* NO MORE THAN 2 hours of the 8 a week may be spent on team activities (if applicable) and/or required individual skill instruction.
2.At least 2 days off a week

Limitations for required out of season activities:
When Can I Play On
An Outside Team ?
1. All sports other than basketball: Not allowed during playing season
EXCEPTION for Individual Sports -->
Check w/Compliance)
2. Basketball: SUMMER only
Awards &

Impermissible Benefits
1.Use of a car from coach, staff member or booster
2.Loan of money from coach, staff member or booster
3.Discounts on services
4.Discounts on purchases
5.Use of coach, staff member, or booster's credit card
Permissible Benefits
1.Athletic Scholarships
2.Apparel and equipment for practice and competition
3.Travel expenses and per diem for competition*
4.Comp admissions for games (4/game)
5.Medical Treatment
6. Occasional meal from staff member or parents
The NCAA defines boosters or representatives of athletic interest as:
“anyone who participates in or is a member of any agency or organization promoting the UCSD athletic program, contributes money to UCSD athletics, assists in the recruitment of a student athlete, provides a benefit to student athletes or has helped promote UCSD athletics.”

UCSD Athletics is responsible for the conduct and control of these individuals. Please ALWAYS act diligently when associating with them!
You may accept the following from a booster:
1.An occasional meal at a booster's home or on campus
2.Employment at the going rate
3.Housing at the going rate

12 - # of units you must always be enrolled in
6 - # of units you must pass towards degree every quarter
36 - # of units you must pass towards degree every year
2.0 – Minimum Cumulative GPA
The Basics
1) Declare major
2) Know what counts towards your degree:

A (major) + B (college) + C (electives) = D (degree)
A + B = always count towards D
C = only counts towards D if you have space (check your degree audit)
Eligibility Changes for Juniors and Seniors
Restrict privacy settings.

No offensive or inappropriate posts or pictures.
Prizes/ Expenses Allowed:

NCAA Violations
All members have a duty to report
How do I report?
Principles of Community
Things to think about
- Not an NCAA sport = OK
- March Madness & Fantasy Leagues
- Cannot provide insider information to others for sports betting
Award based on place finish (i.e. trophy, medal, etc.)

Actual and necessary expenses from outside amateur team/org

Both require verification with compliance office
Prizes/ Expenses Not Allowed:
Receipt of cash or gift cards based on place finish

Expenses above actual and necessary from outside amateur sports team/org
Aid distributed by UCSD
$$ from a parent or legal guardian
Outside scholarships/awards - reported to and verified by athletics department

* In order to travel and receive expenses, including per diem, must be eligible to compete
*This is not an all inclusive list.
* Please be aware these may have additional restrictions/limitations
* All of these should be verified through the Compliance Office prior to acceptance

Freshman and Sophomores - all units count for 6/36
Juniors and Above - towards declared degree for 6/36
Additional Academic Considerations
Majors/Double Majors
Minimum grades
Repeating a class
Missed class letters
Academic Integrity
Wendy Taylor May
Katie McGann
Nick Feller
Track & Field
Sport Supervisors
Eligibility Advising
Earl Edwards
Cross Country
Women's Volleyball
Ken Grosse
Swimming & Diving
Men's Volleyball
Water Polo
Katie McGann
Abrina Wheatfall
Cliff Kubiak
Faculty Advisor
Women's Crew
Swimming & Diving
Men's Volleyball
Men's Water Polo

Cross Country
Men's Crew
Track & Field
Women's Volleyball
Women's Water Polo

VACATION PERIOD = countable hours Do NOT Apply
The Compliance and Student Services Department
Can assist with the following: Eligibility Questions, Classes/Academic Planning and Tutoring,
Leadership Training, Class Absence letters, Financial Aid, Scholarship/Awards, NCAA Rules Questions
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