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Engagement Project Team

No description

Christy Chung

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Engagement Project Team

Education & Career Guidance (ECG)
Engagement with Secondary Schools, Alumni & Students Who Have Dropped Out

3. Strengthen the provision of ECG to students who have dropped out
1. Engage secondary schools on ECG
2. Enhance Provision of ECG to Alumni
3A. Initiate contact after student has dropped out
Information on
CET programmes
Within 1st Year, Between 1st and 2nd Year (exclude disciplinary cases)
Course and career guidance upon request
3B. Refer students who have dropped out to Youth Employment & Advancement Hub (YEAH) for additional ECG options
Name, NRIC, Gender, Sec Sch, Contact, Email, Address
1A. Go beyond marketing of courses and general outreach to provide meaningful ECG to stakeholders at secondary schools (Sec 2)
school-based talks using a common deck
Career landscape and courses
Applied learning at polytechnic
Planning for post secondary education
Pathways post polytechnic
12 pilot schools/poly for 2015
Corpcomm with PEAs
1B. Provide opportunities for students to experience poly course stints and industry immersions according to their profiles (Sec 3)
2A. Provide ongoing ECG to alumni for at least 2 years after graduation
Updates on career fairs, exhibitions, CET programmes
Career and further studies guidance upon request
Half day visits for students to sign up
Set aside vacancies from our offerings of industry visits
1C. Provide opportunities for students to go for industry visits (Sec 4)
Comprise workshops, industry talks, career information sessions, etc
Every student to experience
2 NMC clusters
during a
half day
5 pilot schools/poly in 2015 for approx 200 students/school
Corpcomm with DOMs/Reps@Schools
Current State
Sec School
- AEMs, Workshops, Talks and competitions focused on
course offerings
and outreach
- Publicity of CET
course offerings
Desired State
Sec Schools
Students are aware of their
(Sec Schools will map their profiles to NMC course clusters)
Students experience poly course stints and industry immersions according to their
Stakeholders are informed and make collective decisions of post secondary education
Align continuing education pathways with career aspirations
Desired State
Students Who Have Dropped Out
Aware of re-admission possibilities
Gain access to additional ECG options
5 NMC Clusters

Engineering, Built Environment and Maritime (EE, ECE, ME, SoE)
Information & Digital Technology (ICT)
Applied Sciences & Health Sciences (LSCT, HS)
Business Management & Humanities (BA, HMS)
Design & Media (DE, FMS)
Resourcing (2015)
5 afternoons where every cluster will run 2 sessions of a 2-hour programme
24 to 26 Mar and 13 to 14 Oct 2015
Programme to include workshops and talks on industry and related careers
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