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Mr. Johns U.S History Theme Park Final Project

No description

melissa torres

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Mr. Johns U.S History Theme Park Final Project

By: Melissa Torres & Jocelyn Guillen
Welcome to The Journey To America
Park Sections
1. The Great Wars. (WWI &WWII)

2.The Roaring Twenties(1920's)

3.The Indigenous Wars(entering the world stage)

4. Ash leap of history(the cold war)

5. The Unwinnable War(Vietnam war)
The Great Wars
In World war I the United states tried to stay neutral when war swept Europe. after the united states joined the allies in 1917, however, the government quickly mobilized the economy and built public support for the war. The treaty of Versailles ending world war I created an uneasy peace. amid post war stability, great Britain and France avoided conflict, and the U.S saw to isolate itself form Europe troubles. Meanwhile, however, Germany, Italy,and japan fell under the sway of leaders promising order and glory by the end of 1930's their aggression would plunge the world into the second world war.

The great wars
the great wars is a land based on what happened when world war I and world war II erupted. This land is filled with propaganda and takes you back in time.
Maze trenches
this attraction is based of a maze-like idea of how it was to work in the trenches in world war I. in this maze you would have to find a way to escape from the axis powers and find a way out. during your escape you'll experience the movements of the bombing, seeing soldier's in action, and avoid being caught by the enemy. you'll be given nerf guns to fight off the enemy and survive. your main goal would be to escape without getting caught or killed.
fighting in the trenches was very difficult environment to be in. Men would stay in those trenches for weeks standing in the darkness where it was unsanitary, cramped, and, unbearable. they were protected by rows of barbwire, sandbags, and armed soldiers trenches were very difficult to capture. neither side could advance on the western front without losing thousands of men in the attack. soldiers threw hand grenades into no mans land at advancing troops.

The 1st character in the great wars land that is roaming around is Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is a historical figure that was used mostly for propaganda for these wars. He convinced young men to enlist in these two great important wars. he symbolized hope that the United states would succeed in these wars. He embellished what it is like to be a patriot type of american.

1st Roaming Character:
uncle Sam
In this attraction guests will be able to ride in the planes over a pond like ground. While being shot at with water guns by by-standers. or loved ones. Children will experience what it is like to fly and enjoy themselves at the same time. This would be a reenactment of the dog fights in WWII when planes would chase one another. Thus the reason why the ride is designed in a circular construction.
During WWII when enemy air planes would attack the other they would send their men in air planes as a counter attack. They would have fights in mid-air and try to shoot each other out of the sky. The battles would last until the enemy was destroyed. These famous high flying fights were known as dogfights.
It's a Mob's Life
This attraction is a theater performance of what it was like to be a mobster in the 1920's. the show will consist of a reenactment of the lives of the most famous mobsters in the 1920's. some of the mobsters featured will be Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde. The show will teach it's viewers what it was like to be these people back in the day, the things they did that got them in trouble with the law and what it was like to live life on the run. You will be able to purchase treats and goodie as if you were at the movies. There will also be a Meet & Greet where you ill be able to talk and ask your favorite mobsters your questions.
Roaming Characters
Another roaming character you will find is a powerful mobster couple bonnie and Clyde. They were the famous mobster couple that robbed banks, killed anyone that stood in their way, and always found a way to escape jail. After meeting each other for a couple of hours it was love at first sight and since the two became inseparable. When Clyde was sentenced to jail bonnie broke him out of jail and so did he. Even in the end the two were trapped and shot down together and they're still looked as a very much loved and menacing couple in modern day.
Roaming Character
The Roaring Twenties
In this era there was many excitement, joy, and it was living the high life. this was a time where where flappers represent change in women, the rise in crime was caused by mobsters, and americans fought for their rights for alcohol.
The Journey to America is a time traveling experience that takes you to the unforgettable events that happened in american history.
Swingers club
In this attraction guests are welcome to dance the night away. you can dance until your feet ache, feel broken, and till' you cant anymore. you'll be able to listen to live bands to keep you entertained. There will live performances of people the swing. you will be asked to dance as if it was the 1920's. There is also competition of who dances the best or does the best dance moves like the Charleston.
The ash leap of history (The Cold war)
The cold war was born in the uneasy world war two alliances between the soviet Union and the democratic nations. After the war, the struggle between democracy and communism led to a long war of ideas with occasional outbreaks of fighting. Cold war tensions finally erupted in a shooting war in 1950.
The Red scare
This attraction is a speeding roller coaster and goes back and fourth. Passengers will be hanging off the tracks as if they were flying over them. The Roller coaster will departure from its station and after it will take you in a face down dive. You'll experience going on twists and turns like the red scare.
Roaming Characters
One of the roaming characters that you can find is President Truman. He only served less than three months as vice president before President Roosevelt died in April 1945. As the new president, Truman quickly took over the Unites states effort in world war two. He over saw Germany surrender and made the decision to drop the atomic bombs on japan to end the war in the pacific. After the war, he worked to eliminate the spread of Communism.
Roaming characters
Another roaming character you'll find is Douglas MacArthur. During world war one he fought in France, where he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general. known for his bravery and daring on the battlefield, he became the most decorated american solder of world war two. As supreme allied commander in occupied japan, MacArthur made one of his most important contributions to history- he helped japan rebuild itself as a democratic nation. after president Truman removed him from command in the Korean war, MacArthur returned home.
Places to eat
One of the Places to eat is the Fair deal dine. This dinner is a patriotic eatery where we serve american based foods. we sell anything from breakfast to dinner all day.Our prices are considered to be a fair deal. It is a great dinner for an all american family.
The Indigenous Wars
United states foreign relations took a new turn at the end of the 19th century. Global competition for empire let the united states into war against Spain and into military conflicts in Mexico. The unites states had forged a new role as a world power.
Entering the world stage
This was about how the united states and the other countries began an era of rapid imperialism. the United states entered the imperialist competition late, but it soon extended its power and influenced the Pacific region. A quick victory in the Spanish-American Was gave the United States a new role as a world power. The United States began to exert its influence over Latin America in the wake of the Spanish-American War.American intervention in Mexico's revolution caused strained relations between the two neighbors.
One of the roaming characters you have walking around this land is Pancho Villa. To many people, Francisco "pancho" villa was a bandit, a cattle, even a murderer. To many others, he was a folk hero, a kind of mexican robin hood. legends and ballads were told about his deeds. Villa was a brilliant horse rider, leading a Calvary force called Los Dorados("golden ones") in northern Mexico. In 1911 he helped drive Mexico's dictator out of power
Sphere of influence
Rough riders
This ride is a water ride attraction for those who need to cool off. In This ride you'll be in a giant water raft as your going through the rapid tides. You'll experience fast movements, strong sharp turns, and a sensation as if you were to fall out. You will be able to see Theodore Roosevelt and how he "spoke softy and carried a big stick". You are most likely to be drenched in water from head to toe.
Search and Destroy
Roaming Character
one of the first roaming characters that you can find walking around this land is Ho Chi Minh. He was a rebel from a young age the school he attended taught that France was trying to improve Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh told other students that France was actually an invader, a view he formed by reading banned books. he was soon kicked out of school. when he was 21 he went to London, where he met asian workers who he believed were overworked and underpaid.
The Unwinnable War
(The Vietnam war)
Roaming characters
Another roaming character you'll find walking around is queen Liliuokalani. Born in a royal Hawaiian family, Lydia Liliuokalani grew up proud of her heritage although she studied with foreign missionaries, learned to speak English, and marry the son of a Boston sea captain, she did not want Hawaii to become a part of the united states. After ascending to the throne in 1891, she tried to fortify the islands through a political movement called Oni Pa'a (stand firm). None the less, she was soon overthrown by american business owners. accused of attempting to revolt against the new government, she was arrested in 1895 and jailed for more than a year.
our first dinning area is Vietminh. you will be served the best vietnamese food that there is cooked by shusi chefs. you will be able to get squid balls with thin rice vermicelli, California rolls, and Pho Tai which is rice noodles and soup with dumplings. Pho Ja which is rice noodle soup with strips of chicken breasts. usually every entree comes with your choice of a egg roll or soup.
3rd Roaming Character
The Vietnam War was the first war ti invade american homes via television. fro years tv brought the united states fight against the horrors against jungle warfare into american living rooms. seemingly unwinnable US war effect brought down a president and bitterly divided the nation.
This attraction is a lazer tag type of game. It is divided into two teams and you can decide to be from the American team or the North korean side. You'll be fighting in a dark big room covered with neon lights. Players will be wearing vests and have to try to hit the other opponents vest. All opponents will be given safety gear to prevent future injuries.
2nd Roaming Character
The second roam character prancing around is Robert S. McNamara. after college Robert attended Harvard university, earning a masters degree in business administration. he then taught for few years until he joined the military during world war II. Following the war, he took a job at Ford, helping to make the automobile company more profitable. in 1961 Robert joined President Kennedy's cabinet as head of the Defense department.
Rolling Thunder
Our first ride is the Rolling Thunder roller coaster. This is a fast paced attraction that takes you into twists and turns. It starts off showing a quick clip of the Korean war and you soon become sucked in joining the men in war. the ride literally drags you through battle. you'll be in the fields, mountains, and forests. But we ask that you be respectful of others trying to enjoy the ride, so please no flash photography.

Roaming Characters
2nd roaming character
The second roaming character that you would see walking around this land is president Woodrow Wilson. He served as our 28th president of the united states from 1913-1921. He proposed the league of nations after world war I. his reform legislation included direct election of senators, prohibition, and women suffrage. he also created the federal reserve system and the federal trade commission, and he enacted child labor laws.
restaurants of this land
One of the three places you can eat is the Atomic Bomb Burger. In this restaurant you'll be satisfied with the wide variety of burgers. The menu would contain; hand burgers, cheese burgers,veggie burgers,chicken sandwiches and our most famous atomic burger that contains our special sauce with bacon bits. .This restaurant would be filled with nuclear weapons and be themed with military equipment. This restaurant will give you a hell of a meal and an exploding experience in your mouth.
Fourteen toppings is an ice cream parlor based off of Woodrow Wilson's fourteen points. To escape a hot day at the park you can come and enjoy our endless parade of ice cream flavors. some of the many flavors that we have our rocky road, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and many more. which you can top off with our many incredible toppings. This would be a refreshing taste of what feels like fourteen flavors.

The last place to eat would be Operation overload. This eatery is a buffet that is served all day. For the price of $10 you can have all you can eat delicious food. some of the things that we have are anything from a simple hot dog to a gourmet steak dinner. where you can eat until you completely go overload.
The Roaring Twenties
american culture underwent rapid and radical change in the 1920's. Signs of this change where everywhere-in the music and fashions of the day, in the habits and past times of americans, in the art, and literature of the counties most creative minds. Large population shifts and new technologies transformed the nation from rural to urban and from traditional to modern.
3rd roaming character
our last roaming character is president Franklin Roosevelt. he served as our 32nd president of the united states from 1933-1945. He was elected president four times. He lead the united states during the Great depression and world war II. with his wife Eleanor as a social reformer, writer,diplomat, and civil rights leader the two were a great assent to the Unites States.
one of the many characters that are roaming around in this land is Jay Gatsby. Mr. J Gatsby is from the book the great Gatsby written by F. Scoot Fitzgerald published in 1920. Gatsby is one of the most loved characters to ever be in a book so popular that is told even in today education.It is a perfect example of whats its like to experience living the American dream- drowning in a luxurious lifestyle. The novel details the selfish, reckless, and ultimately meaningless lives of the many rich- an image that becomes associated with the jazz age.
The best way to describe the 1920's is to say that it is a party era. Flappers were young women of the era who defied traditional ideas of proper dress and behavior. A new dance was invented where one would appear to dance out of control. The dancers would kick up their legs and move their arms in crazy movements. This dance is known as Swing and is still popular to this day
The historical significance of this attraction is that it takes you into the lives of the mobsters in the 1920's . You will learn the unlawful actions of each character and what it was like to be hunted down. some mobsters were in the business of Bootlegging and in charge of speakeasies. if they were caught in the process of this action they would have been thrown in jail for breaking the 18st Amendment. All because of the Prohibition Era. Prohibition being a ban off alcohol that became law in 1920.
The Speakeasies is an all adult bar where you can enjoy a cold alcoholic beverage. No minors are permitted so be aware and bring your I.D or you'll will not be granted entrance. You will also enjoy a couple of dinning options such as hot wings, nachos, and sliders. This bar is themed as a speakeasy in the 1920. There will be live smooth jazz music and be special beverages that they served in the roaring twenties.
Bonnie's steak house is a relaxing fine dinning area for those who want a good meal. customers will have the option of having anything from fancy fillet to big hunk of a T-bone steak. There will be alcoholic beverages available at request and for those of age. You will leave the restaurant happy and full. Its a meat lovers paradise where everyone is welcome.
Our last restaurant is Gatsby Grubbing Grill. All food is grilled to perfection. It also contains many sauces of your needs. You can eat up to grill sandwiches, steak, chicken, and many more entrees. This is surely every barbeque loving person dream.
Roaming Character
Our last roaming character that pops up in this land is Langston Hughes. He is one of the most famous poets during the Harlem Renaissance. He began writing poetry as a teenager and as a traveler wrote what he saw. His profits of his first published book of poetry bought him his college education. Hughes settled in Harlem after college where he soaked up the rhythm of jazz music and incorporated them into his writing.
This attraction is a jumper-like ride where there is a dangling Styrofoam ball. The contestants will stand at each corner of the arena. Each corner will represent a different country of their choice. The objective of the game is to use the wrecking ball and knock down the other opponents in order to conquer their land and win. This game gives you three rounds and those with the most rounds win. if their is a tie the opponents will have a face off.
Since this was a time of imperialists competition the opponents would try to conquer each other's land. For example how the united states annexed Hawaii. During this time European powers- Russia, France, Germany, and Great Britain- quickly carved out their own sphere's of influence in China. A sphere of influence is a geographic area where an outside nation exerts special economic or political control. The united states was too late to secure a sphere of influence in China therefore American leaders feared that the united states would be shut out of the valuable china trade.
The rough riders was a regiment organized by Theodore Roosevelt after he left his navy post. Adventurists college athletes, cowboys, ranchers, and minors all joined the rough riders. They expected to fight on horse back, but because the transport ships to Cuba were over booked, they had to leave their horses behind in America. The rough riders ended up functioning as foot soldiers instead of a Calvary. One of the battles they were in was the battle of Kettle hill.
Places to eat
One of the places to eat in this land is at the dole factory. In this factory they sell anything that has to deal with pineapples. one of the selection that they have is Pina coladas, pineapple water, pineapple pie, pineapple chunks with tajin, pineapple ice cream and many many more. You'll be able to pick out your own pineapples and take them home. also they're are free pineapple samples so first timers can taste it.
Another place to eat is at Villas' mexican resturant.In this eatery you'll be able to taste the best quality of Mexican food. We will serve you things like tacos, enchiladas, pozole, tortas, tamales, mole, chiles rellenos, ect. This restaurant is themed around the Mexican revolution. You will not be disappointed with this delicious mouth watering mexican food.
The last eatery you'll find is The Havana which serves cuban food.A traditional meal we have contains white rice, beans,and comes with a choice of chicken, fish, pork. All meals come with a salad or a side dish of fried sweet plantains or yucca. We also serve the traditional Lechon asada (roasted pork). For dessert we have our famous fruta de bomba (papaya chunks)and casco de naranja (orange shells).
Roaming character
The last roaming character you'll find is Theodore Roosevelt. He was The 26th president of the United States from 1901- 1909. He focused his effort on trust busting,environmental conversion, and strong foreign policy. He was a republican born in 1858 and died in 1919. He focused on his square deal policy and changing America.
The Korean war
The soviet union brought communism up to the north Korean side. from that North Korea wanted to unite with south Korea so they tried to take over. The United states saw how they needed help so they sent troops over to push them out of the country. Despite American efforts North Koreans continue to be a communist country. The North Koreans had lost only a small amount of territory.
The red scare was the fear of communism entering the united states. at this time people were accusing others of being communists and betraying the country. also they're was a series of spys such as alger hiss, klaus fuchs, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. In 1950 congress took futher action to fight communism in the United states. The McCarran internal security act required communist organizations to register with the government and established a special board to investigate communist involvement.
Another eatery is our inchon restaurant that serves Korean food. We serve the most famous Hangover soup which has a beef broth, with cabbage, bean sprouts, radish and chunks of ox. Another selection is soy sauce crab and Haemul Pajeon which is a Crunchy and filling, Korean pancake that comes studded with shellfish, cuttlefish, and other varieties of seafood.
The last eatery that we have the 38th parallel. this place contains more of finger food for out younger visitors. This is a easy snack for on the go. some of the entrees include chicken fingers, mini pizzas, cheese sticks, chicken wings, and sliders. this will be an excellent choice for your little ones.
Roaming characters

one of the last roaming character that you'll find walking around is Mao Zedong. He is a chinese communist during the second red scare. At the end of world war 2, the defeated japanese had withdrawn from china and he used this opportunity to gain control of large areas. the communist army of Mao seized china in 1949. The next year, communist North Korea invaded south Korea.
The operation rolling Thunder was a bombing campaign over North Vietnam, in March 1965. President Johnson wanted to weaken the enemies ability and will to fight. he also wanted to assure south Vietnam of his commitment to it's independence. Us pilots bombed military targets in north Vietnam, such as army bases and air fields. they also bombed anything north Vietnam would find useful in the war effort, including bridges, roads, railways, and power plants.
this attraction is for guests 16 and over. in this attraction you will gun battling each other with paint balls. you will be equipped with armed gear for your safety. you will be fighting in the Vietcong fields.The Journey to America will not be responsible for any bodily injuries.
The Vietcong had a vast system of under ground tunnels some of which had been built in the 1940s. The tunnels served as hiding places during combat. they also served as living quarters, places to store food, and weapons, and locations to tend wounded soldiers. by 9165 the tunnels stretched underground from Saigon to the Cambodian, a distance of about 120 miles. Then Vietcong could not compete in firepower, but they used tunnels and other types of guerrilla warfare.
Feel like eating Seafood come and eat at our Pacification dinner next door to Vietminh. You will be given for example clams, muscles, lobster, crab, fish, and many more sea creatures. You will be able to choose from our many sauces available to you to accompany your entree. Your side order could be rice, biscuit, vegetables, fries, and or mashpotatoes. Just don't let the crab run off your plate.
our last eatery is the Tonkin Gulf Grill where everything is grilled to perfection. we serve your most wanted vietnamese food choices but grilled. there will be grilled chicken , pork, beef, and quail for our meat eaters. there will also be a bar available for those of age. we will have the choice to drink your normal alcoholic beverages or vietnamese exotic beverages.
Our last roaming character is Henry Kissinger. He was a german- born political scientist born in 1923 with his death unknown. he was an important foreign policy adviser during the 1960s and 1970s. He won the Nobel Prize for negotiating the ceasefire agreement that ended the Vietnam War. He brought an end to the unwinnable war with the united states.
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