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Humour in Aristophanes' Frogs

No description

Rosie Henshall

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Humour in Aristophanes' Frogs

Rosie Henshall and Rosie Astbury Humour in Frogs Satire Parody Impersonation/
stereotyping Verbal Humour Vulgar Humour Scatological Humour When well known people or ideas are
made to look silly. Quoting or emulating scenes from
other art forms. Impersonating a well known person and
stereotyping a group of people. Certain verbal methods to make the
audience laugh Examples in Frogs:
- The Sophists
-Theramenes - 400 Oligarchs
- Cephisophon - Euripides getting cheated on Foul language, innuendos and sexual gestures. Based on references to bodily emissions. Examples in Frogs:
- The Sophists are mocked by Aeschylus -
- Dionysus makes fun of Theramenes Example in Frogs:
-Aristophanes quotes Euripides Medea: "my tongue swore, not my heart" A range of techniques are used to
make something visually funny for an audience Visual Humour Farce When characters act in a ridiculous
or exaggerated manner in strange scenarios. Topical Allusions Conveying opinions about certain everyday
issues and gossip with the use of comedy. When ordinary people find themselves in
extraordinary circumstances and react in an
unusual, entertaining way. Situation Comedy Examples in Frogs:
- Xanthius and Dionysus dress up as Heracles
- Heracles lives up to his stereotype and only thinks about food,Pea Soup Examples in Frogs:
- The rowing scene
- Dionysus wearing the lion skin and yellow underwear "a lion skin over negligee! What's going on?" Examples in Frogs:
-"Heracles the b-b-bold"
- "now listen you lyrical twerps, I don't give a damn for your burps" Example- slapstick violence - Aeacus hitting
Dionysus and Xanthius to find out who
was immortal Examples in Frogs:
- Talking frogs chorus "the frogs are heard off
stage singing in an entirely different rhythm"
- boat going to Hades Character-based
humour A character who, as soon as they come on stage the audience laughs Example in Frogs:
- The character of Dionysus Surreal/Fantasy Humour Bizarre and impossible sequence of events Example in Frogs:
- When they ask the corpse to take their bags
to Hades
- Being in Hell Examples in Frogs:
- Aeschylus accuses Euripides of having being influenced by Aphrodite
Examples in Frogs:
-"brekekekex coax coax" -"this on the other hand has turned brown with fear"-"oh no my bowel is now empty" Socrates and Euripides
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