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Timeline Of Fever 1793

No description

Kevin Joos

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Timeline Of Fever 1793

Timeline Of Fever 1793
By: Andee Joos
4th Period 5/21/15

Chapters 1-6
Chapter 1
August 16th, 1793
Chapters 7-12
Chapter 7
August 30th, 1793
Chapters 13-18
Chapter 13
September 10th, 1793
Chapters 19-24
Chapter 19
September 26th, 1793
Chapters 25-Epilouge
Chapter 25
October 14th, 1793
Chapter 2
August 16th, 1793
Chapter 3
August 16th, 1793
Chapter 4
August 16th, 1793
Chapter 5
August 24th, 1893
Chapter 6
August 30th, 1793
Chapter 8
September 2nd, 1793
Chapter 9
September 2nd, 1793
Chapter 10
September 6th, 1793
Chapter 11
September 7th, 1793
Chapter 12
Septermber 8th, 1793
Chapter 14
September 12th-20th, 1793
Chapter 15
September 22nd, 1793
Chapter 16
September 24th, 1793
Chapter 17
September 24th, 1793
Chapter 18
September 25th, 1793
Chapter 20
September 27th, 1793
Chapter 21
September 27th, 1793
Chapter 22
September 27th, 1793
Chapter 23
September 28th, 1793
Chapter 24
October 1st, 1793
Chapter 26
October 23rd, 1793
Chapter 27
October 30, 1793
Chapter 28
November 10th, 1793
Chapter 29
November 10, 1793
December 11th, 1793
At the very beginning of the book, Matilda, the main character, wakes up and is immediately interrogated from her mother. We find out that there are some sore feelings between the two. We also find out things like: where she lived (Philadelphia), she has a cat named Silas, her favorite place was the waterfront, and we hear her talk of a Nathaniel Benson.
The Cook's own a Cook coffeehouse, which is a popular spot in the neighborhood. We discover more of the characters, such as her Grandfather, who was a Revolutionary War soldier. He Grandfather joined them after her father died. Another character discussed is Eliza, who is a free black women that works as the coffeehouse cook. After Polly, another coffeehouse worker doesn't show up, Matilda mother goes to look for her, and finds out she's dead.
Matilda is very sad at the news of Polly's death, and can not believe it. She wants to go to the funeral or visit Polly's family, but Mother does not allow it.
The coffeehouse begins discussing the possiblilty of a fatal fever, because several people have died of a mysterious illness, but most think it'll pass, or not be a big deal. We find that Mother is a very hardworking person, after having to do Polly's old work.
More people have died from a mysterious illness, and people are nervous. Matilda goes to the market to get more food, and we meet some of the farmers there. She finds Nathaniel Benson, who she has a crush on. As they are talking, the church bells begins ringing, signaling that another person has died from the fever.
The day is very warm, and Matilda complains. Grandfather and Matilda are talking about expansion and the fever during their daily meal together. As they are eating, a letter arrives, saying that Matilda and her mother are invited to Pernilla Ogilvie's house for tea. Mother wants Matilda to marry her son, Edward, but Matilda thinks the family's full of snobs. After lunch, they get ready, dressing fancy for the occasion.
Matilda and her mother arrive at the Ogilivie's. At first, all goes well, but soon the difference between the Cook's and the wealthy Ogilivie's is prominent, and a quarrel begins. As they are fighting, Collete faints. She has the fever.
After Collete faints, everything is havoc. The church bells won't stop ringing, all the wealthy families are leaving, etc. The days are hot and the bugs are eating through the garden. Eliza is planning to go to the Free African Society meeting while Matilda and Grandfather go to a print shop. As they are walking back to the coffeehouse, they see Mother being carried in a wheelbarrow.
After Mother is carried inside, Dr. Rush comes in and declares that Mother does not have yellow fever. During the night, Mother gets worse and tells Matilda to leave, for she doesn't want her daughter to get sick.
Dr. Kerr, another doctor comes, because Mother's health had declined. Dr. Kerr declares that she indeed has yellow fever, and that Dr. Rush was wrong. Nathaniel sends Matilda a painting and a not3, saying that he is okay, and that he misses her. Grandfather and Matilda leave town, so they don't get sick.
Grandfather begins coughing, so they are kicked off the horse they are riding. They begin walking back to Philadelphia.
Grandfather gets very tired, so they stop to rest. Matilda goes to get food and water for them. As she walks back, they decide they are going to start walking back the next day.
Grandfather is worse in the morning. Matilda goes to get food once again, but this time she never makes it back to Grandfather. She becomes delirious and passes out.
Matilda, still delirious, is deathly sick with the fever. When she finally recovers, she meets a caretaker named Mrs. Flagg. Matilda is caught up on everything that had happened in those 8 days she was sick.
Matilda is steadily getting better, and is allowed to leave. She hears lots of stories about the city and how all the people are faring. A clerk is trying to convict her to the orphan house, but Grandfather saves her.
Matilda and Grandfather leave Bush Hill. While they are traveling to the coffeehouse, they see exactly how Philadelphia has changed.
Matilda and Grandfather arrive at the coffeehouse. They discover all of the downstairs has been robbed. All of their food is gone, so garden greens have to be salvaged.
Their first day in the coffeehouse is difficult. Matilda takes a bath, a rare privilege, and more food is picked from the sad, dry garden. When she is going to bed, Matilda leaves the shutters open.
Matilda wakes up when she hears footsteps in the coffeehouse. She realizes it is being burglarized. She tries to hide, but they end up encountering each other anyway. When Matilda is getting beat up from the men, Grandfather wakes up and tries to shoot the burglars, but fails. Grandfather is then assaulted and dies shortly after. Matilda, grief-stricken, covers him up with a cloth and cries throughout the day.
Matilda begins the day by helping bury Grandfather.
He was dumped into a mass burial ground. Matilda makes sure to pay her respects before he is covered. She heads to the
Federal Gazette
office hoping to place an advertisement in the newspaper for Mother, but she leaves empty-handed. Matilda begins delusionally walking across town, when she comes across a young girl with no parents to be seen.
Matilda begins to search for any family members or someone who could take care of her, when she is distracted after seeing a woman that looks like Eliza. After chasing her, she discovers that her suspicions were correct. It was Eliza.
Matilda is very upset, so Eliza comforts her. They then go to Eliza's brother's house, who is sick with the fever. Matilda meets him, and his two sons, Robert and William.
When Eliza goes to do her rounds, Matilda stays at home and works, with Mother Smith watching her and entertaining the children. During the day, Matilda decided that she cannot keep Nell any longer, so they go to the orphanage. The orphanage is full, however, so Nell stays with Matilda. As they were walking home, daisies were throw out the window of the Peale's house, indicating that Nathanial was alive and well.
Matilda is now going and helping Eliza take care of the sick patients. As they go home from a long day of work, they discover that the twins and Nell have gotten sick with the fever. They decided to take the children to the coffeehouse, because it's cooler there.
Matilda and Eliza settle Nell and the twins into the coffeehouse. Days pass and the boys get worse. They discuss the possibiltiy of bleeding them, but Matilda refuses, so they continue to care for them on their own. Matilda was exhausted by the work put on her. At the end of the chapter, she falls asleep in the garden.
When Matilda wakes up, she discovers that there is frost on the ground. Frost kills the fever, so she is joyous that they're saved. Since the frost came the farmers have come back into town, Matilda goes to the market and sees Nathanial, and they catch up on everything that has happened since they last saw each other.
Everything began getting better, but there still was no sign of Mother, who had disappeared. During a mighty feast, they discuss what to do with the coffeehouse. Matilda comes up with a decision and asks Eliza to help run the coffeehouse with her. After some reluctance, Eliza agrees. The Cook Coffeehouse will open again.
After 3 days, the Cook Coffeehouse was open for business, and they were extremely successful. One day, Nathaniel tells the coffeehouse residents that George Washington was coming down the street. He was, with all of the other returnees, returning to Philadelphia. After all the commotion is over, everyone returns to the coffeehouse in time to see that Mother has come home.
Mother and Matilda catch up, thankful they are together again. Mother was at the Ludington's, and is very weak after damaging her heart.
Matilda wakes up and goes outside to reflect on the recent events. The coffeehouse is still successful. She feels like the yellow fever victims are still in Philadelphia in some way.
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