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Los profesores

No description

Anna Mobbs

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of Los profesores

Los profesores
Los adjetivos

In Spanish, adjectives have masculine or feminine forms.

Many adjectives end in either -o or -a depending on what they are describing.

If you are describing something masculine such as a man then the adjective must have a masculine ending which is -o

Por ejemplo: El profesor de español es divertido.

If you are describing something feminine, such as a woman the adjective much have a feminine ending, which is -a.

Por ejemplo: La profesora de español es divertida.
Completa la tabla
martes, siete de noviembre
Objetivo: Usar adjetivos para describir a mis profesores.
Descrifrar los adjetivos





Pagina 28, eschuchar

By the end of the lesson I will be able to:

- Select appropriate vocabulary to describe my teachers.

- Identify and use adjectives which end in -o or -a to describe somebody.
Tenéis cuatro minutos leer las descripciones de los diez profesores y ...

Escribe los numerós 1 - 10 en tus cuadernos.

Escucha y elige el profesor correcto/ la profesora correcta.

Ejemplo: 1 d

Extensión - can you combine the work you have completed so far in this unit together to make a small paragraph (including one of these sentences). Don't just add it on the end as its own sentence. Be creative! Think connectives + opinions.
Extension: Escribe estas frases usando la forma correcta del adjetivo.

1) Tu mochila es (boring)

2) Mi profesora de teatro es (nice)

3) Mi profesor de dibujo es (strict)

4) La profesora de inglés es (unpleasant)

5) El profesor de español es (fun)
Fancy a challenge?

How could you say what you would like your teacher to be like?

E.g. I would like my English teacher to be nicer.
Can you use them in your own sentence?

Can you compare one teacher to another?

Comparison - ... es más (adjective) que ...

If más means more, how would you change the sentence to say less?

How could you change the sentence to become a superlative?
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