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Review of Topman

No description

Gideon Kwesie

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Review of Topman

established in 1978, over 66 cites worldwide. China and Japan tops the brand.
almost all high streets in London have a Top man shop.Topman alongside Topshop are apart of Arcadia Group which is a large multinational retailing company which owns a number of high street retailers such as; Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, BHS and many more.

Revenue as 2013: £1.2 billion

Type of products
: includes
the latest trends and is refreshed on a monthly basis
Knitwear( waffle knits/Mohair) ,Denim in all colors, seasonal trends,accessories: watches, chains, bags, glasses, ear rings, bandannas, handkerchiefs, e.t.c.

ffer online shopping(Topman.com) ordering, shipping, in store collections.
20% student discount. Biggest attraction to the store..
Free WIFI in store
Gift Cards
Store cards / staff dscounts
The Exterior Design
Entrance and Display
Atmospherics and Target Market
Sound - indie playlist varies depending on season and montly
Colours - neutrals such as black, grey,white
Lighting - white (feel of runway lighting )
Texture - tiles => smooth and shiny
Ambient temperature - relax

Target Market: students/teenagers/Young adults / middle class to high/ fashion conscious people/ hipsters/vintage /edgy/ Geek/casual & Formal/ rock & punk
The Interior
Review of Topman

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Store entrance - open door signifies a warm welcome to all

situated in middle of high street next to competitors

Visibility / Impact / Architecture
Signage and Style

Bold written Topman logo ( Black) clear white background.
Signage attracts new customers i.e. Audience engagement.
recognisable,memorable, MASCULINE distinction from topshop.

Entrance:- Easy-to-access open doors."Glass"
Window displays"Brand name" merchandise and promotions 20%
Display of the clothing lines i.e. the latest trends( Seasonal wear)
Use of manequines for trendy looks,colour matching.
Inside:-Hot air conditioning, Lighting trails on the walls and ceilings.(white and yellow)
Transparent glass doors. Entrance & Exit
Distinctive recognizable font"Black"
Paintwork:- White/cream colored with silver outlines
Lighting at door entrance
Brick work:-Red and deep wine
Monk bonds giving it a traditional look...
Triangular adjoining roof setting"Quite bland" although depicts a victorian impression
Adjoining walls to fenwick , H&M,Zara proportional size, enough to about 100 customers

Design features / Layout
Permanent, semi-permanent and
non-permanent features
permanent:-Shelving/ glass/wooden/metal
cabinets, specialist features
Rail and hangers
Check out counters and cabinets
Non permanent;- Seasonal merchandise
Semi-permanent:- pricing(psychological pricing)
Segment Target Position
Market segmentation
Target Market
Brand/product positioning
16 - 35
consumer aged
16-35 (middle class workers,teenagers, young adults )

Topman is positioned between fast fashion retailers, like Zara and H&M,
winter collection
Exterior design

Ceiling - lights, straight patterns
Walls - white, purple, black.

Flooring - shiny tiles, Natural woods( light oak)
Lighting - fluorescent lighting( white)
Fitting rooms:- Black, Ankle length
Interior:- free room formation
combination of natural wood flooring

Hard features-wall coverings,fitting rooms,-colour-"Black"
Fitting room sizes-some over head& ankle length
music in the fitting rooms .

'All retailers have to conform to health and safety trading standards such as Health and Safety at Work Act 1974' (Varley M. 2014)
Gideon, Dinu, Isaac, Basit Chris

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