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First In Math

No description

Samantha Yu

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of First In Math

What is First In Math®?
Energizing Every Child To Learn, Love & Live Math™
First In Math® focuses on a growth mindset.

Many schools show increases in test scores after consistently using First In Math®.
First In Math® is both challenging and rewarding.
Students practice arithmetic skills with Skill Set games
Number to reach
Numbers to use
Operations to use
Practice is in the form of games students enjoy, promoting long-term learning and a love of math
Grand Slam
Ten Wheels
"The First In Math® program has captivated our students. Their self-motivation to devote time on task virtually insures success for every type of learner....No child will be "left behind" in mathematics if introduced to this program and provided the opportunity to make use of it on a regular basis."
--Mary Lou Berres, Washington, D.C.
Students can choose which skills and games they practice
Just the Facts
Practice Gyms
Skill Sets
Bonus Games
What do you know?
Measurement World
Know and Show
Word Problems
Just the Facts allows students to repeatedly practice specific arithmetic skills, such as adding whole numbers or subtracting fractions
Deep Practice
First In Math® utilizes Deep Practice, which consists of:
Taking action
Stopping when an error occurs
Perfecting that one movement or skill then continuing

Research shows that up to 90% of what students are taught in school is forgotten after 30 days. The 10% that is retained occurs from active learning--through Deep Practice.
Students develop a personal pride as they fully develop their skills
Students can earn up to 25 points in 4 focal areas: activity, fact fluency, word problem fluency, and procedural fluency.
The Team Goals Index allows teachers to track class progress
Teachers can identify where students are performing well and where they are struggling
Students earn stickers (online points) for the activities they complete
Creating a new generation of thinkers.
First In Math®
student focused
promotes autonomous learning
teacher guided
Teachers can guide students to focal areas for practice
immediate feedback

As students' sticker totals grow, the activities become more challenging
Principals can also recognize the Player and Team of the Week.
The Objective:
To promote growth in students' math skills and attitudes toward learning in order to create lifelong learners.
no feedback

Green squares mark correct answers and purple squares mark incorrect answers
The Player of the Day recognizes the student who earned the most stickers the previous day, reinforcing that growth comes from practice over time.
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