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Climate Change

and it's effects

Aurum Potestas Est

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Climate Change

The change of weather patterns theory
Rough weather
In the 1960's There were 2 Category 5 and no category 4 hurricanes that hit the USA.
In 2005 there were 4 category 5 and no category 4 hurricanes that hit the USA.
In 2006, during the drought, the wildfires in the USA reached 9.5 million acres and it was considered the third hottest year for the USA.
Cities Under Water
Is climate change actually happening
We don't have to do anything
Melting ice caps will unbalance salt water concentrations in the sea. This will disrupt the Gulf Stream.
Gulf Stream is large current believed to transfer heat from the tropics to northern hemisphere.
Scientists believe that during the last Ice Age, 10,000 years ago, the gulf stream was flowing at 2/3 of the rate it is flowing at now.
Our Opinions
Climate Change
Hot = Cold?
Melting ice caps increases water levels in the sea.
This would flood major coastal cities and low lying countries.
Many of our largest cities are on the coast.
Will probably lead to mass displacement, of persons and loss of property.
The Ice Age Theory
The Flooding Theory
Here are the main sub-stances in this theory:
Global warming is not happening - so we don't have to do anything
Global warming is not caused by Humans - so we don't have to do anything
It is too complicated to reverse it's effects - so we don't have to do anything
Humans only contribute to a small part of it - so we don't have to do anything

A major proponent of this theory is Exxon Mobil, but many other TNC's support this idea.
The theory of the Ice Age and the flooded cities have the most evidence behind them.

Nature is unpredictable...
Ice Caps Melting
Editor: Krishna Ghantala
Information Collectors: Krishna and Raka
Animator: Raka Gunarto
Information Compiled by: Krishna & Raka
A bit of background information
Some gases (Carbon Dioxide, Methane etc.) block some heat leaving the earth while letting solar radiation into the earth.
An excess of these gases can raise global temperatures.
Small changes in temperature can adversly affect the worlds fragile ecosystems and change weather patterns
The Greenhouse Effect
Greenhouse Effect

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