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What's the national need for broadband?

No description

Douglas St. Clair

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of What's the national need for broadband?

What's the national need for broadband? Douglas St. Clair HEALTHCARE

"The diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring, with doctors and patients separated by space (and usually time) but mediated through information and communication technologies." BROADBAND ENABLES TELEMEDICINE... Maggie Mort, Carl May, Tracy Williams
Science, Technology and Human Value Why do we need
Healthcare + Broadband? "Health Provider Shortage Areas"
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
HPSAs Primary Physician 1:3,500
Dental 1:5,000
Mental Health 1:30,000 Practitioner Ratios 6,204 Primary Care
4,230 Dental
3,291 Mental Health HPSAs Catherine DesRoches
Electronic Health Records in Ambulatory Care
A Survey of Physicians Increased quality and services,
at what cost? EHR Savings in 15 Years... Hospitals save 371 Billion
Physicians save 142 Billion Richard Hillestad
"Can Electronic Medical
Systems Transform Healthcare?" Remote Enterprise Allowing Collaborate Help Johns Hopkins Hospital
and Argentina Why Healthcare + Broadband? Increased reach
Increased service
Cost savings ENERGY Terry Keys, AVP Instructional Technologies SUNY LIVE EDUCATION The Nation's PISA Rankings WHAT'S
CAUSE? (Program for International Student Assessment) Source: National Center for Educational Statistics Scarcity of trained teachers
Poor distribution of highly qualified teachers
Widespread inability to engage students What's the answer? Internet-Based Instruction Breaks down barriers
Increases engagement The Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an on-line educational program that uses the Internet to provide course instruction to middle and high school students. Students log into the classes, access the lessons, and work on assignments and projects. They set their own pace but must maintain active involvement to continue in the course. Florida-certified instructors are utilized, and many of them also hold national certification through the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. Teachers guide the lessons, assess student work and provide constructive comments and grades. They also communicate by telephone with students and their parents. Florida Virtual Schools "Any Time, Any Place, Any Path, any Pace." Internet-based instruction
in Virtual Worlds Why Education + Broadband? Breaksdown barriers
Increases engagement
New virtual opportunities 2009 Super Bowl Why do we need
Education + Broadband? Why do we need
Energy + Broadband? August 14, 2003? (oops) Why Energy + Broadband? What is the Smart Grid? Enhancements that Modernize, Protect and Optimize!
Energy sources / generators
High voltage distribution networks
Energy storage installations
Automation systems
The participation of consumers on the smart grid... Reliability
Consumer savings What do EHR Improve?
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