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UTAH by:Ella Seward

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on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of UTAH by:Ella Seward

*The capitol of Utah is Salt Lake City. It is close to the Great Salt Lake.
*I went to Utah in 2009.
* Utah's top five farming products are cattle, dairy products, hogs, hay and potted plants.
Fun Facts
* Nick name is beehive state.
Utah by: Ella Seward
*The federal government owns 65 % of Utah.
*Utah is know for Mormons. Mormons first came to Utah in 1847.
*Utah became the 45th state in 1896.
*Utah is the 13th largest state.
*Utah is the 2nd driest state.
* Utah is an arid state that features mountains, plateaus, canyons, valleys, salt lakes and deserts.
road map
county map
topographical map
weather map
* Utah's name comes from the Ute tribe which means "people of the mountains."
* State bird is California Gull
* Rocky Mountain Elk is the state animal
* The US bought the region in 1848 from Mexico
* Utah hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002
* It took 40 years to build the Mormon temple
* There are 2,763,885 people in Utah
* It snows on average 41 feet (500 inches) in the mountains near Salt Lake City
* There are 5 national parks, and I've been to 3 of them.
* Top manufacturing products include computers, communication equipment, scientific instruments
*Oil and copper are the most valuable mining products.
* Tourism is important because of ski resorts and National parks.
Economic Location
* The state capitol was built in 1915.
My Week in Utah
*I spent a week camping in Utah!
*I visited 3 national parks:
Natural Bridges, Capitol Reef and Arches.
I saw hieroglyphics and I fed a horse.
Political Location
The capital of Utah is Salt Lake City

Salt Lake lies in a mountain valley
Historic location
Utah is know for Mormons
One Mormon Temple is the Jordan River Utah Temple.
Geography location
*Utah women won the right to vote in 1879.

*The governor of Utah is Gary R. Herbert
* Utah has four Congressmen - Rob Bishop, Jason Chaffetz, Jim Matheson, Chris Stewert
*The constitution was written in 1895.
It is a different kind of religon.
Oil is one of Utah's mining products and they just started mining tar sands.
As the second driest state, some parts of Utah get just 3 inches of rain a year.

This is Monument Valley Utah
From Tare sands to Salt Lake city it is 240 miles.
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