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What Causes Teenagers to Become Sexually Active?

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Courtney Sabo

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of What Causes Teenagers to Become Sexually Active?

What Causes Teenagers to Become Sexually Active?
Peer pressure
A strong desire for affection
"But everybody's doing it"
On average, 41% of high school students are sexually active by the age of 17
15.9% experienced unwanted sex because of the use of alcohol
Drugs & Alcohol
6.1% had unwanted sex because they were using recreational drugs
TV shows and movies are showing teenagers that it is okay to be sexually active so young and to even have multiple sexual partners by the time they graduate high school.
“Media portrays sexuality as something fun and gives the impression that ‘everybody’s doing it.”
-Annette Villarreal
"It provides unlimited access to information on sex as well as a supply of people willing to talk about sex with them.”
-Annette Villarreal
A lot of times, both male and female teenagers don’t receive love from family or friends.
They are convinced that they will gain the love and acceptance that they need to fulfill themselves.
Studies show that children that did not receive the love and comfort of a healthy family growing up are more likely to have sex by their adolescent years.
Fulfills love languages
Physical touch
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
No family support
Parents' Example
Teenagers could see the examples that are set for them by parents or adults that they look up to, who are more sexually active than the teenager themselves.
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