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morris naidu

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Who is Jack the Ripper?
I believe Jack the Ripper was a man named:
Sir William Whitney Gull.
Argument For William Gull Being Jack The Ripper
I believe Sir William Gull to be Jack The Ripper: Because Jack the Ripper was believed to be experienced with knives and could point out the organs with in the human body, This information is crucial for the investigation, The Reason Sir William Gull would have committed such crimes, is that he was Prince Albert Victor's doctor and the prince was believed to be involved in sexual activity with prostitutes so he sent Sir William Gull to get rid of the evidence leading to the killing of several prostitutes. A reference to the dear boss letter could be used in this case he was educated and the person responsible for the dear boss was in fact educated, as was Sir William Gull.

He was Born: On 31 December 1816 in a place called St Leonard,Colchester, Sir William Gull was the youngest of eight, he was born into a royal bloodline, giving him access to all sorts luxuries, Including Education being from a royal bloodline he had a strictly made a christian. He experienced a traumatic event in his life the death of he's father John Gull, then leaving Sir William Gull and his family with little to no money, He was From then on raised by his mother alone.They received help from Mr Harrison to then help him to get he's medical degree.
In my opinion Sir William Gull is Jack the Ripper, he knows alot about the human body, the reasoning behind him committing such crimes, one theory is that considering he was the private doctor for Prince Albert Victor. The prince was believed to be sexually involved with prostitutes and it is even believed he impregnated some of the women, in an attempt to get rid of the evidence he sen someone that was experienced with the human body (Sir William Gull) to abort the babies and kill the women to silence them and to ensure that people would not find out about the prince sleeping with these women. Another theory which is not as comonly used, is that the death of his father and his upbringing have caused hatred against women.
Use: I Used it for date of birth And Date of death
DESCRIPTION: This website displays information about jack the ripper suspects and victims

Use: For an image of Sir William Gull
Description: This site cover a lot of topics and used like social media for a range of people to discuss a topic

Use: I used this site to explain the upbringing of Sir William Gull
Description: This site's focal point is Jack The Ripper And displays a large amount of information about both suspects and victims and even has the use of timelines for added use of information.

Use: I used this for information about his education and his job.
Description: It is a medical sight displaying history of medical discovery and the people who discovered them, it also has information about doctors.

Dear Boss Letter
Use: I referred to this letter in my presentation and used it as evidence against Sir William Gull
Description: It is a letter believed to be written by jack the ripper him self

Use I used this site for information about the murders
Description: This website is a news website displaying recent and previous news it is focused on the U.K

Use: I used this to name most of the victims involved in the white chapel murders, I also Used the images from this site
Description: This website is like most of the others I have used their focal point is jack the Ripper this website has a wide range of information, articles, images and videos (useful).

Sir William Gull: Biography
Argument Against Sir William Gull being Jack the Ripper
He Does not entirely fit the visual description of jack the Ripper.
Assuming it is an accurate description, he was believed to be sane,there is almost no evidence stating any signs of him being insane as Jack the Ripper is believed to be. There
is little to no evidence that proves he was comiting these crimes. It is stated that Jack the Ripper knew the rural streets of London very well, as Sir William Gull has barley any evidence stating he did not knew the rural parts of London as well as Jack the Ripper was believed to know them. He was also 71 years of age during the white chappel murders which is evidence that he could not have been as active
William Gull's Appearance:

Was fairly chubby, and had light skin he often took care of his apperance. He had straight brown hair and dark brown eyes, he had long sideburns. Sir William Gull was almost always very well dressed because he made a decent amount of money from his medical career. He had good hygiene and was considered to be in the higher class. He wore suits which was a common set of clothing back in that day and age. Although a facial was very common back then sir William Gull preferred a clean shave apart from he's sideburns.
Sir William Gull's Education:

He got education from Guy's hospital later graduating M.B. from the University of London during 1841, he was a very smart man and had a high education inhis area of expertise.
Sir William Gull's: Profession
He was a famous teacher he got a bit of money for his teaching, but he had alot of passion for all sorts of things he a physician who showed interest in diseases and infections, being one of the first to make some remarkable discoveries about myxedema. In 1887 Sir William Gull became a personal physician to the Queen but that was short lived only lasting for no more than a year,He was a very wealthy man in the middle to late stage of his life.

Sir William Gull's:Death

Sir William Gull died a very wealthy man he passed away on 29 January, 1890, in Brook Street, United Kingdom, He even left 344.0000 pounds for a Hypochondriac (Someone who is highly anxious and insecure about their well being). There are conspiracy theories stating that Sir William Gull acctually lived on till 1897 faking his death

Where Did he live?
He grew up in St Leonard,Colcheste, He later on bough a house at 74 Brook Street in Grosvenor Square living there for the majority of his life
What is Jack the Ripper Known For
He was responsible for what people call the white Chappel murders, Which was a series of killings, there was believed to be 17 murders but there is not much evidence stating that Jack the Ripper committed all of them.
These are the suspects that are focused on the most, they stand out to be almost definite victims of Jack the Ripper.

Martha Tabram
Catherine Eddowes
Marry Jane Kelly
Elizabeth Stride
Annie Chapman
Marry Nichols
Alice Mackenzie
Frances Coles
Jack The Ripper?
Made By: Morris.Naidu
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