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factors affecting the refractive index of a medium

No description

Mithun Gabra

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of factors affecting the refractive index of a medium

Factors affecting the refractive index of a medium
Nature of medium:-
Smaller the speed of light in a medium relative to air,higher is the refractive index

Refraction of light Through a rectangular glass block.
Detail 4
Physical condition such as temperature:-
As temperature increases, the speed of ina medium increases so refractive index..

The colour or wavelength of light:-
The perpendicular distance between the path of emergent ray and the path of incident ray is called the lateral displacement
Depends upon:
Thickness of the glass block
Angle of incidence
Refractive index therefore on wavelength of light used
A prism is a transparent refracting medium bounded by five plane surfaces inclined at some angles.
The two plane surfaces through which the light passes are called the refracting surfaces
The angle between the two refracting surfaces is called angle of prism
The line of intersection of two refracting surfaces is called refacting edge of prism
The section of the prism perpendicular to the refrcting edge is called the principal section of the prism
Refraction Through Prism
Note that in each refraction the ray bends towards the base
Refraction through prism produces deviation
The angle between the direction of incident ray and the emergent ray is called angle of deviation
Factors affecting Angle of deviation:-
Angle of incidence
Angle of prism
Refractive index
Wavelength of light used
In the position of minimum deviation, the refracted ray inside the prism travels parallel to its base if the prism is equilateral (or the principal section forms an isoceles triangle)
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