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No description

Geraldine Sagasta

on 9 August 2018

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Transcript of APUSH

Analyze the significance of horticulture in Native American culture.
Primary Source Analysis
What is a primary source?
What is a secondary source?

How to analyze:
Observe first
Draw conclusions based on evidence
Reading Quiz
Compare and Contrast Pre-Columbian Native American tribes.
Before we start...
Homework - Reading
-Notes can be annotated directly on your packet or on a separate sheet of paper. It will be put in your notebook next week.
Textbook - Henretta
Interactive Notebook
-ALL notes are Cornell Style
Stimulus Based
MC Test
55 Questions in 55 minutes
Will be same format for AP Gov
Must know something about the time period or historical context in order to answer the question

9 Questions-18 Minutes
Reading Quiz
Reading Quiz
Describe misconceptions Europeans had about the North American continent and its inhabitants

Reading Quiz
Get out parent signature page to turn in
Get a Reading Quiz from the front of the room
Get your notes out if you have it

You will answer the Reading Quiz question using A.C.E.

An example of this would be...
This means/shows that...
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