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Two Bad Ants by Abbie and Vincent

No description

Room 27

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Two Bad Ants by Abbie and Vincent

Find your way through the maze. Info About The Author Chris Van Allsburg is a very successful author. He has three caldecott awards. Some other successful books of his are Jumanji, Ben's Dream, The Wreck of the Zephyr, The Stranger, and The Polar Express. He is now 63 years old.He tries to hide Fritz in all of his books. Fritz is his dog who died. He owes all of his success to Fritz because his first book was about Fritz. His first book made him very successful. Characters The characters in Two Bad Ants are the two bad
ants, and the man who almost drank them. Theme The theme of Two Bad Ants is to NEVER split from the group. Always stay with your guide because if you do something bad might happen to you like it did for the two bad ants. Plot Of the Story Where's Fritz? Has anyone ever read the book Two Bad Ants by
Chris Van Allsburg? If you have do you know where
Fritz is? Tell us what page and where he his. Please
DO NOT call out your answer. Pictures This is a picture of Chris Van Allsburg and Fritz. Setting The setting in Two Bad Ants is an ant hole and a kitchen. Two Bad Ants By: Chris Van Allsburg A scout ant brings back a crystal for the queen ant. The queen ant loved the taste so she wanted more crystals. She sends a few ants to get more crystals.When all of the ants start to leave two ants decide to stay. They think that they can live a happy life in the bowl of crystals. But they are wrong. In the morning they are scooped up and put in a drink and almost drunken. After that they fall into a toaster. Then they fall into a sink. They finally decide to go home. They are glad they did. What do you think might have happened if they didn't leave? This is a picture of Chris. Literary Element One of the two literary elements in Two Bad Ants is when Chris Van Allsburg uses descriptive language. An example is "Daylight came. The sleeping ants were unaware of changes taking place in their new found home. A giant silver scoop hovered above them, then plunged deep into the crystals. It shoveled both ants and crystals carried them high into the air." The second is an inference. Here is an example of an inference "The tiny insects were pulled off the fountain and plunged down into a wet, dark chamber. They landed on half-eaten fruit and other soggy things. Suddenly the air was filled with loud frightening sounds. The chamber began to spin." Your almost through
the maze. You made it out of the maze! Congrats!!!! This presentation was made by Abbie and Vincent
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