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death by landscape presentation

No description

sierra rose

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of death by landscape presentation

Death by Landscape
Author of the story
Margaret Eleanor Atwood
Story Overview
Lois: widowed and the mother of two grown boys
Lives alone in an apartment in Canada
Reflects on how at age 14, her best friend Lucy disappeared, just walking distance from the other campers
By Margaret Atwood
Languorous: Dreaming, lacking spirit or liveliness.
Proprietary (proprietorial): Of or relating to an owner or ownership.
Purloining: Stealing.
Daguerreotypes: An early photograph produced on a silver copper plate.

element of literature
Plagued by guilt and the subject of accusatory stares from those around her
Lois recounts the events, searching for a clue that may provide an explanation for Lucy's disappearance
No answers, no closure, and no body to bury
Lois lives her life as if for two, haunted by Lucy’s memory.
Keeps Lucy alive in the landscape portraits she can't bring herself to throw away.
Lois believes that she will see Lucy in these paintings if she looks hard enough.
Set in the era of the Great Depression in the forests of Canada
The story focuses more on nature than it does on the "outside world."
The camp provided a central haven for campers from all over the globe.
Presenters: Kyle Wilford, Sierra Lindsay, Jessie Emmert, and Oriah Lopez
"This year Lucy is different again; slower, more
"Already she knew that Lucy was an exception to a good many rules; already she felt
"She is no longer interested in sneaking around after dark,
cigarettes from the camp counselor, dealing in black market candy bars."
"She tells them they must follow in the paths of their ancestors (who most certainly, thinks Lois, looking out the
window of her apartment and remembering the family stash of
___________________and sepia-colored
portraits on her mother's dressing
table – the stiff-shirted, black-coated,
grim-faced men and the beflounced
women with their severe hair and
their corsetted respectability – would
never have considered heading off
onto an open lake in a canoe, just for
Character: The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual- strength and originality in a person's nature;
"...only a great deal of foreground that goes back and back, endlessly, involving you in its twists and turns of tree and branch and rock...And the trees themselves are hardly trees; they are currents of energy charged with violent color."
"They had changed so much, or Lucy had. It was like watching someone grow up in jolts."
"Lois was afraid of [Monty Manitou] at first, but not after she got used to it."
Close Reading
Best-Written Sentence
"Everyone has to be somewhere, and this is where Lucy is. She is in Lois's apartment, in the holes that open inward on the wall, not like windows but like doors. She is here. She is entirely alive."
Before Lucy
Born: November 18, 1939 (age 73) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Novelist, poet.
Canadian: Benevolent interaction with nature. Was always involved in it and thrived there.
Waiting for a turn of events --> Met Lucy
Harbored feelings of rebellion...
After Lucy
"It was like watching someone grow up in jolts."
Nature was tainted for Lois after Lucy's disappearance.
Lucy brought out inner rebellion because of complete admiration/adoration.
First Summer
She has won many awards.
Apathetic on being there
Indifferent to making friends, but not to rebelling.

Horribly depressed. Anxious. Home situation dismal.
Last Summer
"Everyone has to be somewhere"
"...in the holes that open inward on the wall."
"Not like windows but like doors."
Lois believes that everyone has and deserves a place in the world (fate/destiny).
Lois believes that Lucy is hidden in her paintings; she keeps Lucy alive in the only nature she can still be around after Lucy's disappearance. The holes in the walls can be interpreted as the holes in Lois's mind, where she still keeps Lucy after all these years.
Windows can only be opened, and not easily gone through, while doors can be opened and passed through with ease. Lois's mind holds the door open for Lucy as if she can come back at any time at her own will.
"She is here. She is entirely alive."
Because Lois still has no closure and no certainty, the Lucy in her mind and her paintings is still alive, though the real Lucy is long gone. Through her only remaining connection to nature, which is where she knew Lucy, Lois keeps Lucy as alive as her remaining guilt.
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