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Teen Suicide Intro. Anna Gonzales

Facts and information about teen suicide.

Shirlene Holden

on 11 July 2015

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Transcript of Teen Suicide Intro. Anna Gonzales

Teen Suicide
The Seriousness of this issue
3rd most common cause of death in children 10-19 in US.
8th leading cause of overall death in US.
1/3 of teens who die of suicide have made a previous attempt.
Suicide is thought, by some, to have a genetic component(run in families).
Girls attempt suicide more than boys.
Boys are more likely to actually kill themselves.
Girls are more likely to try suicide by overdosing drugs, or cutting their wrists.
Boys most often try using guns, hanging themselves, or jumping from heights.
Firearms are the most common and fast-growing method for suicide.
Other methods are more likely to allow time for second thoughts, and/or get medical help.
Hallucinations, or unusual beliefs
Running away
Stomach/headaches, fatigue.
Previous attempts
Alcohol/drug abuse
History of disruptive behavior.
Trouble at school, or with police.
Serious mental/physical damage(s)
Sad or "empty" mood
Loss of interset in things that were once enjoyed
Withdrawals from family & friends
Change in appetite or weight
Trouble sleeping or oversleeping
Irritability or restlessness
Energy loss
Feeling of worthlessness, or inappropriate guilt
Letting the quality of his/her schoolwork go down
Risky behavior-Drugs, alcohol, or driving too fast
Talking or joking about suicide, or writing notes or poems about death
Giving away prized possesions, or throwing away important belongings
Cuts on the wrists (body)
Overdose, using over-the-counter, perscription, and non-prescription meds are also a very common method for both attempt, and completion.
Suicide rates differ between boys and girls.
Girls think about&attempt suicide about twice as often as boys, and tend attempt suicide by overdosing on drugs or cutting themselves.
Yet, boys die from suicide about four times as often as girls.
Perhaps because they tend to use more lethal methods, such as firearms, hanging, or jumping from heights.
60% of all suicides in the US are commited with a gun.
Suicide completion rate for boys is higher than that of girls.
You're worth fighting for. Enjoy the time you have. Stay strong.
Introduction to the Novel:
After the Death of Anna Gonzales
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