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Nomadic and Sedentary

No description

melina hurin

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Nomadic and Sedentary

Nomadic and Sedentary
Nomadic has limits to food by how much they can carry. Since Nomadics travel and move from place to place they must take as much as they can carry.

Sedentary on the other hand are able to take as much as they want and store it. They have no limit to how much they can take. Sedentarys store dried meat in their homes for the winter.
The Nomadic and Sedentary both have a fear of nature and what it will change through out their future. Nature can give more or less food, give better resources, and can damage houses. Winter is the toughest challenge nature can bring them..

The Nomadic and Sedentary depend on nature. All life is depended on nature.
Nomadic and Sedentary both uses all the resources around them that they can get. Like for example they use stone for many different things, bowls, arrow heads, and things to mash up food with. Resources is the main thing that all people need to survive, especially the nomadic and Sedentary.
Major Similarities and Differences
Some major differences between Sedentary and Nomadic are that they have totally different life styles.

A major similarity is that they depend on the environment and Earth for everything.
The Sedentary makes their houses out of The nomadic group is
stone and tall grass. The Nomadic make more exposed to
their houses out of buffalo hide and disasters.
sticks for support.
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