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Tales of a 4th grader nothing

No description

Arno vanderwateren

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Tales of a 4th grader nothing

Tales Of A 4th
Grade Nothing Tales of a fourth grade
Nothing Peter Hatcher is in fourth grade he lives at 25 west 68th street in a apartment buliding in New York City. Peter won a turtle Jimmy Fargo's birthday party he lives with mum,dad and his annoying brother Farley but everyone calls him fudge.Peter is 9 and a half years old.He calls Fudge Fang because he lost his front two teeth.Near the end of the book fudge eats Dribble and Peter is worried.At the end of the book Peter gets a dog.Peter names his dog Turtle to remind him of Dribble. Peter Hatcher Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a book wrote by Judy Blume about a fourth grader Peter Hatcher.He wins a turtle at Jimmy Fargo's birthday party.He names the turtle Dribble.His younger brother Farley {fudge} is trying to get the turtle.Peter must try to stop him from getting his turtle {Dribble}. Farley Hatcher is Peters younger brother.Everyone calls Farley Fudge.Fudge likes playing with dad's socks.Fudge's favourite two foods are lamb chops and cornflakes.Fudge lost his front two teeth and he has no idea that Peter calls him Fang.Fudge's friends are Sam,Ralph and Jenny.Sam,Ralph and Jenny went to Fudge's birthday party.Sam is scared of almost everything he sees,Ralph is obeise and will eat almost everything and on his second piece of cake he barfed. Jenny asked Peter does Dribble tinkle and while she was asking the question she tinkled on the carpet. Farley Hatcher Mum and Dad Mum and dad are the parents of Fudge and Peter.Mum cares about their hygiene and dad is a business man for Juicy-O,he does the television commercials. Homer equals dad.

Marge equals Mum.

Maggie equals Fudge.

Bart equals Peter.

Lisa equals Sheila.

Santa's little helper equals Dribble.

Milhouse equals Jimmy. Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing Judy Blume is an author and illustrator. She has made twenty-eight books in her life so far. She has made six series so far. She made five books in the Fudge series. Judy Blume is 71 years old.Her first book was published in 1969 Judy Blume Judy spent her childhood in Elizabeth in New Jersey. She made up stories inside her head. Judy spends her adult years in many places doing the same thing but only now she writes her stories down on paper. Adults as well as children will recognize such Blume titles as: Are You There God?, It's Me, Margaret; Blubber; Just as Long as We're Together; and the five book series about the irrepressible Fudge. Judy Blumes Life Judy Blume has over 80 million copies of her book now and they have been translated in to 26 different languages. Judy Blume’s best sellers. Reviews on Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing was sucessful.Here are some people who enjoyed it.

Debbie: Debbie read this with her 4th grade class every year and Debbie never get tired of it.She rated it 5/5.

"Will bring a chorus of laughter from sympathetic readers.Reccomended for ages 8 and up.
Reviews on Judy Blumes
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