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NCL Coll - Maths4Us Apps Challenge

No description

Newcastle College

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of NCL Coll - Maths4Us Apps Challenge

Newcastle College Maths4Us Apps Challenge Entry The Idea The main things we want the app to do! Start from the ground up. (the application starts from entry level one)

Have an unstructured approach to learning. (No fixed answer puzzles)

Take as little as 3-4 minutes to play a game.

Make learning accessible and fun! The Game. How does it work? The user starts at a random
number based on their skill
level. The user has to reach
a randomly generated
score. The game is a twist on a countdown style of maths, there is no time score, but a limited amount of clicks! The Game. How does it work? The game works much like a dart board
where all the segments are replaced by
random numbers scalable to the users skill
and what would be trebles or doubles become
operators like + or -. The user starts on a random operator and can change it at any point during the game! Each segment can
be selected only
once! The Game. How does it work? When the player runs out of shots, the round ends.

For each number the player is off the target they lose a segment on the board.

The game ends when there are no segments left! Here is a blacked out
segment, the game
becomes more difficult
as segments are lost! The game rewards players
as they gain a greater
understanding of
numeracy and think
a step ahead about the best
way to get to the target! How the game will look! The application will have a streamlined appearance like on the previous slides; although this is really just about the proof of concept, there is no reason why this game couldn't be created on a completely different platform such as balloons in the sky or apples in a tree!

One thing we will take into account with finalized designs is making the game available to people with impaired vision. the colors. We want the game to have a simple interface and be easy to understand as soon as you pick it up! How does the application
help boost numeracy? The game is designed to take an unstructured approach to learning, rather than asking specific one answer questions or puzzles, the game helps you build and understanding of numbers and has a certain sense of freedom.

We want to make it so that a player can pick the game up for as little as 3-4 minutes at a time and just help them get the hang of basic numeracy. Who is the application aimed at? The target audience. The application is aimed at anyone trying to get back into education whom has little to no prior experience with mathematics.

The application starts at entry level one and ends on entry level 3, but could be easily adapted to higher levels.

The application simply changes the range in which the numbers are generated and which operators are available. Proof of concept Remember that this application idea is a proof of concept and can be applied to a wide variety of different game scenarios and designs!
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