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9th Grade Medieval World History

No description

Heather Marshall Fleenor

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of 9th Grade Medieval World History

Medieval World History "A Journey Along the Silk Road"
The Height of Medieval Europe
The Power of the Church
The Authority of the Kings
and the people are caught in the middle
The Crusades
The Rise of Christianity and Decline of the Roman Empire
The New Rome, the Byzantine Empire

Big Assignment!
Research Paper
The Rise of Islam
The Medieval Church
Medieval Weapons
Silk Road Destinations:
North Africa
Invasion of the Barbarians
Essential Questions

How does trade facilitate cultural diffusion?
What are some reasons why civilizations decline? What are some effects of a collapsed hegemony

Silk Road Destinations:
Essential Question
Does the “city” determine the trade route
or does the trade route make the “city?”
Essential Questions
Why does warfare occur? What is
the effect of warfare on trade?
Why do some cultures innovate
while others remain in the
“Dark Ages?”

Silk Road Destinations:

Silk Road Destination:
Sea Trade Routes
The Rise of Medieval Europe
Essential Questions
Why do historians sometimes
label an event in history
a “watershed events?”

Silk Road Destinations
Essential Questions
How is warfare motivated by religion different from politically motivated warfare?
How did trade and migration lead to an epidemic of disease? Has the potential for a pandemic of disease changed in modern times?

"Medieval" Asia
Essential Questions
How does geography, location and environmental factors affect the formation of a culture?
How does a tribal society differ from other types of societies?

Medieval Japanese
Korea & Southeast Asia
My Pedagogy
Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory
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