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No description

Sam Schroeder

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Cyprus

Capital: Nicosia
Government: Republic
Current Leader: President Demetris Christofias Land Area: 9,251 sq km
Arable Land: 10.81%
Highest Point of Elevation: Mount Olympus 1,951m
Lowest Point of Elevation: Mediterranean Sea 0 m Population of Cyprus: 1,084,748
Population Density: 117.26 peope/sq. km
Life Expectancy at Birth: 77.49 years Infant Mortality Rate: 9.7 deaths/1,000 live births
Two Largest Ethnic Groups: Greek (77%) and Turkish (18%)
Two Largest Religious Groups: Greek Orthodox (78%) and Muslim (18%) Top Three Exports: Citrus, Potatoes, and Pharmaceuticals
Top Three Imports: Consumer Goods, Petroleum, and Intermediate Goods Name of Cyprus Currency: Cypriot Pounds
Exchange Rate for U.S. Dollars: 0.4286 Number of Mobile Telephones: 1,017,000
Number of Television Broadcast Stations: 8 Cyprus Current Events:

April 20,2010- A man was arrested for attempting to smuggle cannabis in a painting. The painting was found with 2.5kg of cannabis concealed within the canvis.

April 20, 2010- Three men robbed a bakery. Three men armed with a knife ran into the bakery, demanded money, and escaped on a moped. They were all masked and police are working on finding their identities.

Literacy Percent: 97.6%
Unemployment Percent: 4.8%
Percent Below Poverty Line: NA% CYPRUS Sam Schroeder
Period 3 FIN!
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