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Larimer County Strategic Plan Goal #3

Senior Management Team Meeting 5.2016

Lori Hodges

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Larimer County Strategic Plan Goal #3

Larimer County Strategic Plan
Goal 3: All Hazards Emergency Management
May 2, 2016

Goal 3:
All Hazards Emergency Management

We proactively deal with threats from natural and human-caused hazards within and around Larimer County.
Key Milestones:
Lori Hodges hired in February 2015 to manage overall Emergency Management Program, including recovery
VOAD Formed and continues to meet
Joel Max hired as Emergency Management Coordinator
Objective #2
By the end of 2015, develop and implement a training and education program for citizens at risk of all hazards to protect their lives and property.
Objective #3
By the end of 2014, ensure that the Emergency Operations Plan is updated to optimize coordinated emergency response efforts.
Objective #4
Objective #1
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
All 4 Phases Plan
Signed by Dept/Division Heads in 2014
Signed by BCC and Sheriff in Feb 2015
Added the Continuity of Operations Plan in April 2016
By June 2014, designate a County staff member to coordinate the initial recovery activities and work with the Long-Term Recovery Group on long-term recovery goals. Assist in the development of a VOAD (Voluntary organizations Active in Disaster), and act as the county’s representative to the Long-Term Recovery Group and VOAD.
Larimer Prepared! Update
Unmet Needs and Community Fragility Study
Larimer Resiliency Framework
Larimer Connects
By June 2015, review and revise as appropriate the County’s Building, Fire, and Land Use Codes to require and enforce suitable mitigation for new construction in hazardous areas.
NEW Objective #5
Group meetings held once per month in 2015 to review codes
Recommendations to BCC given in June 2015
Adopt changes as part of regular code cycle
By June 2016, perform an Unmet Needs and Community Fragility Study for Larimer County and outline how the information can be used to decrease community risk and vulnerability long-term.
UNCF Study Completed December 2015
Community Meetings to review results
Implementing recommendations along with Mitigation Plan and Resiliency Framework
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