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Salesforce Presentation for Berlin conference 2013

Bobby Bazemore

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Salesforce

What is Salesforce? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) based service. Capture, organize and store information and communications. ? Why are we here? Synxis Opera Property Management System Online Partners Hotel Website Booking Engines GDS Mobile Booking Engines Direct telephone / email bookings All Synxis online / mobile / GDS bookings Walk-in's / in-House bookings Mr and Mrs Smith (GDS) Kiwi Collection (GDS) Chic Retreats I-Escape Opera Globally, who are our top 20 clients? Which companies spend the most across our hotels? How can we better share contacts and information? 11 7 15 8 2 + 6 Opera Mange large volumes of information and communications. Cloud based. What is Salesforce? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) . Manages large volumes of information and communication across a company. Cloud based. Why are we here? Events Members It's Mobile Marketing Merge spend with current hotel corporates to create real time global profile of companies / clients. Corporate spend across Houses, currently not linked internationally. Sync with Outlook to track emails, calendar appointments and notes. Set reminders. Link with MRM to keep keep a real time tab on all members globally. Or could it become the new MRM? Match member profiles against spend across hotels and event space globally. Possible to track members F&B spend across the Houses? Send member and non-member communications to Salesforce database. Track opens vs clicks etc. Link with social media to track social "chatter". Manage projects and tasks globally. (Think Miami) Possible link with House Seven? Track email open and click rates? Track member event attendance? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. ?
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