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Antonio's Global Monster Project Evaluation

No description

Antonio Lara

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Antonio's Global Monster Project Evaluation

The Monster Project. Hosted by Anna Baralt, James Hendricks, and Ann Oro

The Monster Project encourages the development of reading and writing skills while integrating technology into the classroom.
What I like the most of this project is the idea of linking students from different areas or nationalities through colorfull funny monsters, though
In Monsters Project 2014 edition 17 schools are taking part in this Project from different locations : Portsmouth, Warsaw, Poland, Mansfield, Lakewood, Ohio; Providence, Rhode Island; etc

Antonio Lara's Global Project Evaluation: Monster Project
Using monsters as a vehicle, students exchange written descriptions via this wiki, and then recreate their partner's monster without ever looking at the "real thing".
During the project, students create, discuss, describe, interpret, analyze, organize and assess their monsters as well as the monsters of their peers.
This Project is organized on Wikispaces Classroom (which is a new brand from Wikispaces).

This webpage contains monsters drawings and texts definitions of them. The extensions of the files are “jpg” and “doc” and the main tool to create the story is the wikispaces web together with the browser used.
Each student can use a drawing program to create a monster (following a teacher’s or other peers’ description). After saving the files (the description as a “doc” file and the drawing as a “jpg” file) they are uploaded on the Wiki page.
Together with the students’ files, the original picture of the monster is added too so students can comment on and discuss the differences between them.
What I like the most of this project is the idea of linking students from different areas or nationalities through funny colorful monsters, though the design of the web is not very intuitive.
Some works of the Monster project
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