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Two-Minute Drill

No description

ian strauss

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of Two-Minute Drill

Two-Minute Drill
By Mike Lupica

Favorite quote
This quote is important is because Chris is the best player on the team. Chris is the only quarterback who can throw far and accurately. He has dyslexia and his are making him quite so he can study more.
Literal objects
1. Scott's secret football field
2.Chris and Scott's dogs
3.The coach
4.Scott's dad
Scott's football field
Scott has a secret football field in the woods where he practices. Only Chris knows about Scott's field because Scott's worries that people will make fun of him and he knows that Chris won't.
I might have to quit the team before the season even starts."
"Because I can't read." Chris. "
Chris and Scott's dogs
Chris and Scott both love their dogs. They became friends when Chris saw that Scott had a picture of his dog that he loved and Chris related to that.
The coach
Chris and Scott both like their football coach. Scott almost quit the team because he did not think the coach did not notice him. In the end the coach believes in Scott to win the game.
Scott's dad
Scott's dad has always believed in him. He always told Scott to never give up or quit. Even though he played collage football he will support anything Scott decides to do.
Figurative objects
1. Championship game
2. School
3. Scott nickname "the brain"
4. football helmet
The championship game
School represents Chris's Struggles with dyslexia. He feels stupid because he can barley read and write. It also represents why Chris has to quit football.
Scott's nickname "the brain"
Scott got his nickname because he is one of the smartest people in the school. He feels that he is never noticed by the coach but by everbody in the school. Chris is better then him at football but Scott helps him with homework.
Football helmet
When Scott would try to quit he would look at his helmet and say "I can't quit." This shows his devotion to football and his friendship with Chris.
How friendship and teem work can over come obstacles. Chris new that Scott can win the game for the team with one field goal. It was Chris's idea to give Scott the chance to win the game. Even though Scott had not played one play this entire year.
Word of the wiser
When Scott wanted to quit the team hs dad said "I've always taught you to finish what you started, haven't I?" If you quit every time things got tough you would never accomplish anything.
Again and again
The theme of quitting occurs throughout the book. When Chris is being forced to quit football because of school he realizes that school is more important then then football but he can do both with hard work. When scott wanted to quit the team he realized that he does not have to be great at everything.
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