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LPH 105 W15 10.1-6

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of LPH 105 W15 10.1-6

"What is the pressure in pascals, that is acting on a fresh water diver that is 30 m below the surface (don't forget the air pressure, answer should look like '294 kPa')"
"I'm just confused on how the area of an object doesn't determine the pressure? If it has a larger area wouldn't have a large pressure being pressed on it? "
"Do you always need to add in atmospheric pressure like in the question from the pre-class quiz? "
"In going through the different principles in section 1-6, it's good to see that the equations aren't too complex like in previous chapters. However, the concepts are a little tricky. I would say I'm pretty familiar with pressure, but buoyancy on the other hand is just weird. I guess it's safe to say that things behave differently in water."

If you tried to take a gold bar from the bank that had a dimension of 54 cm x 31 cm x 22 cm, how massive would it be? (19300)
710 kg
Fort Knox standard size 7"x3.6"x1.75" = 17.8 cm x 9.2 cm x 4.5 cm
14 kg 31 lb
A bottle has a 35.00 g when empty and 98.44 g when filled with water. When filled with another fluid, the mass is 89.22, what is the specific gravity of this other fluid?
If 4.0 L of antifreeze (SG=.80) is added to 5.0 L of water to make a 9.0 L mixture, what is the specific gravity of the mixture?
How much pressure would be needed to lift water up to the top of a really tall tree (h=50 m)?
490000 P
4.84 atm
How high would the level be in an alcohol (SG=.79) barometer at normal atmospheric pressure?
How many Newtons of force due to atmospheric pressure are there in acting one square inch of skin?
65 N
14.7 lbs
13 m
The gauge pressure in each of the four tires of an automobile is 240 kPa. If each tire has a 'footprint' of 190 cm, estimate the mass of the car.
1860 kg
The maximum gauge pressure in a hydraulic lift is 17.0 atm. What is the largest-size vehicle in kg it can lift if the diameter of the output line is 25.5 cm?
8970 kg
Water and then oil (no mixing) are poured into a U-shaped tube, open a both ends have constant area. They come to equilibrium. If the oil is only on one side and has a height of 25 cm in the column, and the height difference between the top of the oil in one column and the top of the water in the other column is 7.5 cm. what is the density of the oil?
If a hydraulic lift is designed with two pistons of radius 7.5 cm and 65.0 cm containing oil with SG = .89 , How much mass is needed on the smaller piston to balance a 250 kg mass?
If you wanted to lift this mass 25 cm, how far down would you have to push the smaller piston (don't worry about the scale of the picture, just assume it is possible)
700 kg/m
3.33 kg
18.8 m
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