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internet marketing

No description

Elizabeth Tattum

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of internet marketing

Modern Marketing
The role of the internet
Marketing Mix
Extended Marketing Mix
What features are needed in a
* who are you aiming it at
* what does it do
* how will you develop it

What pricing strategy are
you using
How will the product find its way to the consumer
Looks at physical distribution and merchandising
How do we bring the product to the attention of the customer
* above line promotion
* below line promotion
People are at the centre of delivery
Businesses need to consider how each person deals with the customers
What activities take place
What are the processes like to order etc
Physical evidence
What is the environment like
Is the layout suitable for use
Relationship Marketing
Work hard to establish long term relationships with customers
Web technology is able to allow customers to change web page to suit requirements and change products to suit own preferences
Can easily monitor and analyse customer feedback - using feedback mechanisms and contact us links
Able to target specific goods and services to meet the customer needs
Identifying new products and market developments
Market Penetration - offering better customer service and expanding their market
Market Development - enter new markets because of low cost of advertising
Product Development - bring out new products and deliver these over the web
Businesses have to make strategic decisions on potential of on-line presence
How effective would the internet presence be
Can rapidly expand into new products and new markets through:
Segmentation and targeting
How many internet customers do you have
Need to look at the internet access in different countries
This looks at lifestyle and personal characteristics to segment the market
Can complete psychographic profiles on-line by using detailed research
Business interaction
The interaction between business and consumer
B2B less frequent but of higher value - not so much on internet
B2C more frequent and now consumers can buy from other consumers using the internet
Have traditionally needed the use of intermediaries
ie distribution chain
Internet has meant that products can be shipped straight to your home - disintermediation

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