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Single life

No description

Direct English

on 31 October 2018

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Transcript of Single life

Single life
After this lesson you will be able to :
Comprehension test
Read the following quote and share what you think about it
Warm up
Work in Pairs and practice the questions below
Reasons to be single
Watch and listen to this video and improve your listening
Common Questions
Look for a talk partner and practice the questions below.
- Give your opinion about this topic
- Explain the good and bad things about being single

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of being single?

- Do you think is better to be single or married?

- Why do you think some people remain single?

What are the best reasons to be single
to you?
Why are you still single or haven't gotten married yet?
What's your perfect couple?
A- You are a single person and you ask someone you like to date you (be your BF or GF)

B- You tell the person you don't want to date him or her because you love your single life and give the reasons.
What do you think about this quote?
Grammar reinforcement
Review the grammar chart below with your trainer and then practice
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