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The Benefits of FFA

No description

Shelby West

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of The Benefits of FFA

The Benefits of FFA
Who wants to have a job with benefits when they grow up?
Who can tell us what that means?
Objective: Today we will discover some of the benefits of being involved in the FFA.
Everything we discover here today is a possibility for you over the next four years.
Scavenger Hunt
Washington DC
Shasta College
UC Davis
CSU, Chico
CSU, Fresno
Delta College
Cal Poly San Luis
Achievement Trips
Louisville, Kentucky
For each set of images, draw an X through the one you think doesn't belong.
Which One Of These Just Doesn't Belong?
Fill in the blank with a definition of that series of images.
Hint: It is the same word for all four sets of images.
Think of 5 leadership skills that you think may be gained through FFA....
Leadership Skills!!!
Greenhand Leadership Conference
Made For Excellence
Advanced Leadership Academy
Sacramento Leadership Experience
CA State Conference
Washington Leadership Conference
Leadership Opportunities
Who knows how to play this tv show game?
Deal Or No Deal
Incentives are.....
6 Suitcase Models....
Deal or No Deal
You get to pick one suitcase
You get to keep whats inside unless you decide to sell it to our banker (Ms. West).
For each deal offered, you can say 'deal' or 'no deal'.
If you say 'no deal' you have to open another bag and the banker's offers may decrease or increase.
What is an idea of an SAE project where you could earn money?
Money!!!! (SAE)
Who wants to go to college?
Involvement Plan!

Select 1 specific opportunity you are interested in from each of the three section and write in the appropriate spot on your involvement card.

Share with your neighbor.
Benefits of the FFA
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