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Being a Scholar Athlete for Life: An Anti-Substance Abuse Pr

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Shannon Marchant

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Being a Scholar Athlete for Life: An Anti-Substance Abuse Pr

Being a Scholar Athlete for Life:

This year the Ford Motor Company Fund provided financial support to assist the Institute for Leadership and Development at the University of Detroit Mercy in fostering service partnerships throughout metropolitan Detroit.
An Anti-Substance Abuse Pro-Alternative Program
This year Detroit Titan student-athletes collaborated with student-athletes from Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in a mentoring program to provide skills to promote success in the classroom and on the court.
Titan Athletics Mission Statement
At the University of Detroit Mercy we exercise the same careful attention to the academic progress of student-athletes as we do to their physical conditioning and mental preparation for a game, maintaining thereby a healthy balance between academics and athletics.

Whether on the playing field or at the study table, our student-athletes learn that character is formed through discipline, that leadership on a team is the best preparation for leadership in the larger moral and civic spheres in which they will live out the greater part of their lives.
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics subscribes wholeheartedly to the University's mission and core values as expressed in the Jesuit and Mercy traditions. We emphasize the dignity and uniqueness of each person.

Valuing the diverse population we serve, we commit our full resources to equal access and opportunity for all. We seek to enhance the reputation and image of the University by fostering a sense of pride and community in students, faculty, alumni, and the general public.
Titan Athletics Mission Statement
Over 200 Titans Named To Athletic Director's Honor Roll
Titan Athletics
In the community
Women's Lacrosse Volunteers Time at Local Soup Kitchen
Detroit Spends An Afternoon Volunteering With COTS
Titans Represented At Annual Detroit Free Press Marathon
Men's Lacrosse In The Midst Of Training, Raising Money For Cancer Research
This mentoring program focused on
Balancing Life as a High School student
Reducing Aggression
Stress Management
Studying Skills
Social Media Awareness
Leadership Development
Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness
Promoting Positive Alternatives

Application Event
Location: JRLA
Session Recap
Group Discussions
Pro Alternative Activities
Classroom Learning
Campus Tour
This program focused on assisting in the transition from high school to college, promoting awareness of the harm and danger of substance abuse and focusing on positive alternatives.
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