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deciduous forest coyote

animals,diet ,apperance,color,growth,where

ziaire vinson

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of deciduous forest coyote

coytes ecosytems diet fact facts behaivior Coyotes are mainly carnivores.But they will also eat fruits,insects.The carnivores part of their diet is mostly rodents.Such as mice,rats &the odd rabbit.They also eat carrion coyotes are quite playful.Pups will afton play fight.A scared coyote will hold it's head low and tuck there tail between there legs IF a coyote hears a bud sound it will puts it's ears up if it's another coyote it will reply back that's how they talk to each other! foods they eat fruits,fish,large mamles such as dogs cats and mostly rodents,insects coyotes can run up to 40 miles per hour.there sence of smell is good so they use it for direction! coytes ecosytems are the deciduous forest
and some are in the snow too !!! deciduou's plant's
the plant's in the deciduou's forest can be any color ( for
instance's green and yellow) thoose are some color's from the deciduou's forest!!!!
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