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Junior Secondary Transition to Mossman State High School

Presentation to MSHS Admin, Douglas Cluster Principals and Year 7 Teachers

Tracy Butland

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Junior Secondary Transition to Mossman State High School

Junior Secondary Transition to Mossman State High School
Year 7, Term 3
Year 7, Term 4
Year 8 / 9 students to visit their 'old' school - current Year 8 student and Year 9 House Leader
Distribute 'Building Resilient Junior Secondary Students at Mossman State High School' booklets
Discuss 'My Passport' progress
Present Transition Information and student Enrolment packs

Year 8, Term 1
Student Challenges
Students to come up with 5 challenges they consider might hinder them being successful in Year 8 (5 per school)

Current Year 8 students to come up with strategies to overcome these challenges

Schools challenges and strategies collated into a book
Year 7 teacher meeting with HOD Jnr Sec
HOD Jnr Sec to visit each school group for Discussion
Distribute 'My Passport'
Parent meeting on same day with HOD in primary school
Parent Meeting with HOD Jnr Snr
Held on same day as student meeting during school hours
MSHS to provide afternoon tea
Parents to provide challenges with aim of providing Parent version of the Resilience book
"Building Resilient Junior Secondary Students at Mossman State High School" Booklet
"Building Resilient Parents at Mossman State High School" Booklet
Year 7 Day
Students placed into preliminary Year 8 Class groups
Introduce Yr 9 House Leader who will be Buddy Leader for First Week (during Form)
Discuss 'My Passport'
Welcome Cake and Sausage Sizzle
Year 7 Parent Night
Year 9 House Leaders present
Present parent information
Discuss 'My Passport'
Distribute 'Building Resilient Parents at Mossman State High School' booklets
School Orientation Tour
Year 9 House Leaders
Reintroduce Year 9 House Leaders to each Year 8 Form Class
Leaders to attend allocated Year 8 Form class in Week 1
First Day of High School - Orientation Day
Year 9 House Leaders to follow allocated Year 8 class
Run alternate program to normal timetable - students follow timetable so they meet teachers and move to classrooms but no subject material to be covered
Each teacher will have an assigned topic to cover, e.g.
Introduction to Support Team / HOD
Passwords and setting up folder system in Home accounts
Timetable and Diaries
My Passport
Getting to know you activities, etc.
Primary Teachers Visit
Invite previous primary school teachers to visit students (Week 5)
"Because transition is a process by which people unplug from an old world and plug into a new world, we can say that transitions starts with an ending and finishes with a beginning"
Bridges, W (2003), Managing transitions, Making the Most of Change, USA
"...early adolescents' frontal lobes have essentially gone missing in action for a time, this means that teenager's brains are all tuned up for emotions, fighting, running away and romance, but not so well tuned up for planning, controlling impulses and forward thinking"
Fuller, A (2004), Into the Mystery of the Adolescent Mind, Australia
My Passport:
Start Year 7, Term 3 Complete Year 8, Term 1
My Passports
To be used in Personal Development lessons throughout Term 1
Junior Secondary Disco
Perhaps held on same day as Yr 7 Day
Organised by Junior House Leaders
Held at the Bowls Club
Only current Year 8 and 9 students allowed plus incoming Year 7 students
Would need cooperation from primary school teachers to monitor Year 7 students
Teacher Meeting
Discuss process so they are aware of the upcoming events / activities involved in Transition process
Allows Yr 7 teacher to provide extra support for students who need it
Yr 8 Parent Night
Parents invited into school to meet students teachers
Parent tour of the school
Parents grouped in their students form class
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