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Idea to Impact 2015

Briana A.

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Composting

Composting is great for the environment in many ways, and can produce beautiful and delicious plants.
Benefits of Composting
What is Composting?
How Does it Work?
A Sustainable Solution
Today you will
learn how to compost, and have the opportunity to grow your own plant. Good luck!

It turns out that composting is quite simple. You don't have to be an expert gardener to master compost!
An important benefit of composting is that it helps conserve water. Soil containing compost can better absorb and retain water, therefore requiring less frequent watering.
Composting has many environmental benefits including:
-encourages the growth of beneficial
bacteria and fungi, which improves
the soil
-helps to cure and prevent
plant diseases
-controls erosion on
steep slopes
Erosion Control
-a simple way to add nutrient rich material to soil.
This fuels plant growth and restores vitality to the soil.
Composting originated in the Mesopotamian era and has been around ever since. It is a very sustainable practice.
- fresh plant life in the form of food
- dry plant materials that have no life
*Can you think of any examples for each?
Idea to Impact
Compost Crew
By: Sylvia Cruz-Albrecht, Briana Arquilevich, Danielle Gould, Sasha Grishchenko, Shloka Homa, and Joy Forster

Water Conservation
-Compost helps prevent soil from leaving canyons, mountains, and other landforms.
-A blanket of compost slows down running water, reducing the amount of run-off.
-In the pictures below, you can see that the sediment has been eroded away. Compost helps slow down this process and maintain fertile soil.

2) kitchen scraps
1) garden clippings
3) Mix well
4) Grow & water plants using compost
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