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British English vs. American English

No description

Karina Koczor

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of British English vs. American English

Introduction English in the USA differs considerably from British English. Pronunciation is the most striking difference but there also a number of differences in vocabulary and spelling as well as slight differences in grammar. Yet, on the whole, speakers of British and American English have little difficulty in understanding each other. UK English vs. US English- spelling Differences in vocabulary British English vs.
American English Differences in use of tences. BrE AmE
- defence - defense
- licence - license
- offence - offense
- colour - color
- centre - center
- dialogue - dialog
- theatre - theater
- fibre - fiber AmE
1. I had a blow out.
2. Our bags are in the trunk.
3. I hate waiting in line.
4. One- way or round trip? 5.We’ve run out of gas. BrE
1. I had a puncture.
2. Our bags are in the boot.
3. I hate standing in a queue.
4. Single or return?
5. We’ ve run out of petrol. Differences in accent Food School Sport Travel Clothes In the home
antenna aerial
apartment flat
yard garden
rest room WC
closet wardrobe
stove cooker
drapes curtains
elevator lift
living room sitting room
radio Wireless / Radio AmE BrE AmE BrE
undershirt vest
underpants pants
pants trousers
vest waistcoat
sweater jumper
parka anorak
swimsuit (bathing) costume
sneakers trainers
turtle neck polo neck
bathrobe dressing-gown Subway Underground
Baggage Luggage
Vacation Holiday
Parking lot Carpark
Gasoline Petrol
Reservation Booking
Front desk Reception (hotel)
Sidewalk Pavement
Telephone Booth Telephone Box
Crossing Guard Lollipop Man or Lady Term Semester
Scotch tape Sellotape
Rucksack Backpack/Backbag
Primary school Elementary school
Principal Headmaster
Grades Marks
Rubber Eraser
Schedule Timetable
Sack lunch Packed lunch
Gym Shoes Plimsolls AmE BrE
Jelly Jam
Check Bill
Cookie Biscuit
Candy Sweets
Corn Maize
French fries Chips
Pop, soda, coke Fizzy drink
Gealtin Jelly
Chopped beef Mince
Eggplant Aubergine Soccer Football
Game Match Field hockey Hockey
Baseball Rounders
Paddle (ping pong) Bat (table tennis) BrE AmE BrE AmE BrE AmE Here are 5 sentences with the same
meaning in British and American English
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