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From "Walking-the-Edit" to "Memoways"

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Ulrich Fischer

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of From "Walking-the-Edit" to "Memoways"

Starting projects
Walking the Edit
At the horizon
An artistic platform that lets you compose a movie while walking through a city.
Some examples
More movies on the website
1) The footage exist prior to the walk
specific videos, archive material, footage from the web...
2) The smartphone is recording the walk
our walking behavior is "digitized" and translated in the form of a movie
3) We hear the movie while walking
we can imagine the images through the sounds we hear and the real surroundings we see...
4) We can see the resulting movie once the walk is done
the movie is the one of the possible stories that come out of the place we went through...
- short movies (animation, fiction, documentary)
On the way
From an artistic project to a generic toolset
allow evolutions, transformations of a project
1) Build up a database in the cloud
batch upload, automatic transcoding and creation of metadata
2) Manage users, projects, usages
invite collaborators, create projects, see statistics...
3) Build front end environments
mobile app's (smartphone, tablet) or web sites
4) Let the public play and interact with your project
in mobility, at home...
some questions
a few thoughts
Past, present, future :
"Walking the Edit" was initiated by a research project carried out between January 2008 and July 2009 for the HES-SO Masters in Cinema at the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL).

Since summer 2009, C-SIDE Productions has continued to develop the project with the financial support of following institutions & partners:
Pourcent Culturel Migros, support for new media
Département de la Culture, Ville de Genève
DIP / FCAC Etat de Genève
Services numériques culturels innovants du Ministère de la Culture, France
Dicréam, France
OFC, Switzerland

Adaptations made between 2010-2012:
Paris (at the Cité Universitaire)
Geneva (several parts)
& more to come…

Since 2011, Memoways is in charge of the development of the technical platform
This generic toolset should:
be usable by anyone: content producers, artists, collectivities, ...
be collaborative (work together)
allow to manage content, usages and results
allow to concentrate on connecting content (creating storyworlds)
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