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The Revolutionary War: Daughters Of Liberty

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Shane Bacchus

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of The Revolutionary War: Daughters Of Liberty

The Humbled Beginning
The Daughters of Liberty were a successful Colonial American group, established somewhere around 1766, that consisted of women who displayed their loyalty by participating in boycotts of British goods following the passage of the Townshend Acts. Using their feminine skills of the time, they made homespun cloth and other goods. To call attention to this effort, they would hold spinning contests in the village squares. These contests were called "spinning bees" and were widely attended by females and often males as well. Their name was inspired by the Sons of Liberty, who were established shortly before the Daughters of Liberty. The Daughters of Liberty were very important to the colonists. They helped them make their clothes as well as homemade products when they boycotted British products. This group of phenomenal women, contributed to the colonists and met their needs with their own hands.
The Contribution to the Colonists
The Daughters of Liberty used their traditional skills to weave and spin yarn and wool into fabric, known as "homespun". They were recognized as patriotic heroes for their success, making America less dependent on British goods. Proving their commitment to "the cause of liberty and industry" they openly opposed the Tea Act. They experimented to find substitutes for taxed goods such as tea and sugar. Discoveries like boiled basil leaves to make a tea like drink, referred to as Liberty Tea, helped lift spirits as well as allowed for kept traditions without the use of British taxed tea.
The Daughters of Liberty also used the influence of the Revolutionary War to their advantage. Prior to the Revolutionary War, women were submissive and were almost considered to be slaves to their husbands. Following the war, women in America felt a new found sense of freedom, not only from British control of the United States but from males within the country. Women began to take part in political discussions within households, and even began to entertain the ideas of separating from their husbands. The war helped to inspire the Daughters of Liberty to also become Revolutionary Women.
Samuel Adams is often quoted as referring to the Daughters of Liberty by saying "With ladies on our side, we can make every Tory tremble."
The overall feeling
The Revolutionary War: Daughters Of Liberty
BY: Shane Bacchus
Shoaib Ali
BY: Shane Bacchus
Shoaib Ali
The Daughters Of Liberty
Daughter Of Liberty: Influence on the Revolutionary War
The Daughters of Liberty has been a great impact on the colonists lives. They have helped the colonists in many different ways and in many different situations. These Daughters will go down in history as a contributor to the Revolutionary War!
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