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DTAL- Prototype/Music school graduate

No description

Kobi Glick

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of DTAL- Prototype/Music school graduate

DTAL - Prototype and test
Prototype 1 test
Use social networks to reach music producers

The stakeholder was asked to contact 5 music producers of his choice via Facebook or Linkedin and ask if they would like to get a demo or to meet him.

The results (after 4 days from the original message):
1 producer returned to the stakeholder and asked for a demo
1 producer said he will contact him soon
3 producers have not responded

Prototype 2
Compose an original jazz cover for Game of Thrones opening theme

The stakeholder was asked to compose an original jazz cover to the Game of Throne famous opening theme, and then upload it to youtube. The stakeholder is currently working on the cover version but did not complete it yet.
Ideas chosen for prototypes
Use social networks to search for music producers and try connecting with them, then message them, send a demo, and ask to speak or meet with them

Compose an original jazz cover for Game of Thrones opening theme
Music school graduate problem statement
A young, talented and charismatic music school graduate with strong stage presence and composition skills as well as significant experience in performing on stage and leading various music projects

Needs a way to
Get more recognition as a musician, become well-known in the industry and perform on the big stages where he belongs.

This is his passion, and he's got the talent, capabilities and the drive required to get there.
Feedback and reflection
Stakeholder feedback re prototype 1
The stakeholder liked the idea and found it quite practical. He felt this is a "game of numbers"- the more producers he tries to reach, there is a bigger chance to get the right contact.
He did feel that in order to improve the execution of this method, it is required to perform a profound "market research" in order to find the right producers to contact. This research is much more than a google search and should include interviews with other musicians and people in the industry.
The stakeholder felt the current success rate of the test is reasonable, also considering the current summer vacation in Europe.
Stakeholder feedback re prototype 2
The stakeholder thought this is a nice idea, however the chance that such approach could help him solve his problem is relatively low.
As any media published in Youtube, such original cover version may succeed or fail with the typical success rates which are pretty small. As he puts it "the chances are similar to winning a lottery..."
Reflection - prototype 1
I tried to prototype two very different ideas.
The first idea is quite obvious and practical. Building connections with influential people such as music producers can lead to success, and this is also reflected in my stakeholder response.
The execution of such idea requires an organized and methodical approach, and a lot of patience. I learned that contacting the producers is the easier part, compiling the list of the right producers based on a thorough market research must come first.
Next time I would invest more in defining this preliminary stage of research before executing the idea.
Reflection - prototype 2
I learned that I "overestimated" the success probability of my second idea. The route to success is typically difficult and requires a lot of hard work, persistence and determination.
The concept of an "overnight success" based on some smart idea such as an original clip in Youtube has to do with the stakeholder luck more than his talent, this is also reflected in my stakeholder feedback for this idea.
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