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Photosynthesis & Medicine

No description

Nathalia Tone

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Photosynthesis & Medicine

Photosynthesis & Medicine Keywords Photosynthetic - The process in which the plant transforms sun light into energy (its like photosynthesis) - Mac Dictionary Photosynthesis - The process in which the plant transforms sun light into energy - Mac Dictionary Medicine - treatment and prevention of a disease - Oxford Online Dictionary Deleterious - treatment and prevention of a disease - Oxford Online Dictionary Photoprotective - a group of mechanisms that nature to minimize the damage that the human body suffers - Don't Remember Eons - Indefinite and very long period of time - Oxford Online Dictionary Chlorophyll - a green pigment found in almost all plants - Oxford Online Dictionary Photochemical - Chemical action of light - Oxford Online Dictionary Delineate - Describe something precisely - Oxford Online Dicionary Diagnostic - Concerned with a diagnosis illness or other problems - Oxford Online Dictionary Sun light has a very high energy content, and when light is absorbed by a substance it is converted into other forms. It may cause serious damage to living things if it ends up in the wrong place. There are many harmful effects of light on humans and on animals. The Aging of the skin and skin cancer are only two of many effects. Learning about the causes of light-induced tissue damage and the details of the natural photoprotective mechanisms can help us find ways to adapt these processes for the benefit of the humanity in areas far removed from photosynthesis itself. Questions 1) What is the importance of photosynthesis according to your article? They can save our lives by helping discover new medicines or drug to cure skin cancer & other diseases. Plants and other producers have been dealing with light for eons, they have had to develop photoprotective mechanisms to limit light damage. Learning about the damage on tissue caused by expouser to light and other natural protective mechanisms can help us adapt these protections for the benefit of humanity, like cure diseases. A type of medicine uses similar chlorophyll relatives to localize in tumor tissue and it acts like a dye which can show precisely the line/boundary between cancerous and healthy tissue. By: Nathalia Tone & Yoon Ha Photosynthesis Medicine Skin Cancer Treatment Medicine & Photosynthesis? It doesn't look like they can have a ''relationship". But they really do. After seeing and discovering how plants protect themselves from sunlight scientists had the idea to create a medicine to cure certain types of diseases. One of these diseases was the skin cancer. Scientists knew that skin cancer was one of the major problems or disease we had. So they had to find a cure, for it was begging to get worse After some years of studying a british company of scientists made the PLX4032(code number) a drug to try to treat the melanona, most potent cancer. Patients who recieved this drug survived at the average of 6 months without the cancer getting worse. Scientists are makeing new drugs that will not only cure a specific type of cancer for example a drug for skin cancer or just breast cancer, but a drug that can maybe cure both of them in the future. Melanoma: PLX4032 2) How will a better understanding and knowledge of photosynthesis affect our lives? In the future if we have new diseases that are related to light, than studing photosynthesis and how plants protect themselves from the dangerous rays of the sun we can make remedies to help us. Another medication to cure skin cancer is to use a laser or radiation therapy. They are not the ones you would prefer to do, but could save your life. The laser therapy is almost like photosynthesis but very different too, the light hits the spot with the cancerous tumor and destroys it without unharming the healthy tissue. The End
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