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Parent Orientation

No description

Celine Brazeal

on 11 August 2017

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Transcript of Parent Orientation

What is
Greek Life?

Reasons to Believe in Greek Life
What to Expect from Recruitment Week
Schedule for the Week
Friday August 11th: Parent and Student Orientation
Saturday August 12th: Go Greek Day
Sunday August 13th: Philanthropy Day
Monday August 14th: Sisterhood Day
Tuesday August 15th: Preference Day
Wednesday August 16th: Bid Day!
What is a Gamma Chi?
A Gamma Chi has experienced recruitment from inside the house.
A Gamma Chi disaffiliates herself from her sorority in order to guide your daughter without bias or preference to a particular chapter. You will not know her affiliation until bid day!
With the help of Gamma Chis, you will never be lost or alone during the week of recruitment.

Panhellenic Recruitment 2017
Parent Information Session

Community Service
Home Away from Home
Values-Based Recruitment
Benefits to Values-Based
How it will affect your daughter's conversations?
Values Defined
Go Greek Day
In the first day your student will visit all 8 houses.
What to wear:
Your student will wear the shirt that we provide. We suggest cute and comfortable shorts to be paired with the t-shirt, along with very comfortable shoes.

Philanthropy Day
This day allows your student to hear about why each chapter is passionate about their philanthropy and ways in which they support their organizations throughout the year.
A maximum of 6 sororities will be visited this day.
What to wear:
We suggest your student to wear a comfortable and cute pair of shorts or skirt paired with a cute top. Comfortable sandals are strongly encouraged!

Sisterhood Day
This day allows your student to tour the sorority houses and hear what each chapter values about their unique sisterhood.
A maximum of 4 houses will be visited this day.
What to Wear:
We suggest your student to wear a casual summer dress or romper. Dressier sandals are encouraged.
Heels are an option; however, we encourage them to bring comfortable walking shoes.

Preference Night
This day is the most serious of the week. The conversation will be meaningful, and sororities will express a few of their traditions. This is the final day of recruitment in which your student will look deep into what they want in a sorority.
A maximum of 2 sororities will be visited this day.
What to Wear:
The suggested attire is something you would wear to church or to a wedding.

Bid Day
Today is the day your student finds out which sorority she will be a member of!
They will all meet in the Union to receive bid cards from their Gamma Chi, and all walk together to the amphitheater for fun bid day activities.
What to Wear:
We recommend staying as cool as possible in a pair of gym shorts and a tank top or light t-shirt. She will receive a t-shirt with her sorority’s letters at the amphitheater.

Now What?
Meal Plans
Greek Meal Plan
Switch first week of class
Dining at the sorority house
Sorority average: 3.37
All women's average: 3.05

GPA Zones:
Green Zone: 3.0 +
Yellow Zone: 2.8-2.99
Red Zone: 2.79 and below
Legacy Information
Many chapter alums think that legacies are guaranteed a bid from their particular chapter if they are considered a legacy.
This is not accurate. There are more women going through recruitment so chapters cannot guarantee a bid.
We encourage you to contact your National Legacy policy if your student is considered a legacy.
Words of Advice
During the week, it is important to:
Listen to your student.
Let her make the best decision for her.
Encourage her to keep an open mind. Each sorority has a lot to offer - Greek Life at MSU is not what it was 10, 20, or 30 years ago!
Remind her to talk with her Gamma Chi if she has any questions or concerns.
Do not communicate your daughter’s thoughts to sorority members, alumni, or others.

Contact Information
Mady McLay
Panhellenic President

Madison Rhodes
Director of Recruitment

Jackie Mullen
Panhellenic Advisor

ShirDonna Lawrence
Coordinator for the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

MSU Panhellenic Title Sponsor
Deep South Pout
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