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History of Capoeira

No description

Daniel Pedro

on 21 April 2012

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Transcript of History of Capoeira

History of Capoeira What is Capoeira? Capoira is a martial art that is now
officially a dance. Now it is practised
all over the world. It also started in
Brazil. There are a few hip hop moves
which is based in Capoeira. Who created Capoeira? There wasn't really a creator of Capoeira it was only practised by African slaves from the Angola region as a form of self defence. They made it look like a dance to keep it under cover. The history of Capoeira Part 1 The history of Capoeira all started when Portugal didn't have enough people so they brought African slaves from the Angola region to Brazil (Part of the Portuguese empire). The African slaves wasn't happy with this at all so they started to make a form of self defence called Capoeira. They made it look like a dance so their owners didn't find out what they were doing. As a slave wasn't allowed to show aggresion at their leader so they learn the art of trickiness. That is whey capoeirists still use trickiness and cunning over stength and aggresion. Part 2 the aim of Capoeira is to defend yourself not by violence but by avioding danger. Capoeira wa meant to be non-contact practice, it was then later a violent weapon by gangs. in 1888 the former slaves created gangs and took to crime. this was outlawed in 1892 in Brazil. if there was any capoeirists found teaching practicing or using capoeira wound be punished by a slashed on their achilles tendon, knee or even the throat. however people still practiced as a way of life to pass down the generations. Even though capoeirists were not allowed to practice capoeira, capoeirists practiced underground so nobody find them. Part 3 Each capoeirist has their own nickname based on what style type they used. it was used to hide their identity. the capoeirists practiced capoeira in rodas, (a place were their are escape routes in case the police show up). it wasn't until 1937 was made legal to practice in certain areas. this was made thanks to president Getulio Vargas who wished to keep capoeira as a Brazilian sport. Part 4 Today capoeira is practiced all over the world. Masters are told to teach and create more classes around the planet. apoeira is imcorporated into many things such as hiphop video games and many more. Here some capoeira moves Ginga esquiva negativa cocorinha role bencao meia lua de compasso s-dobrado martelo thank you thank you for watching my prezi. I hope you take in the information I have meantioned. Created by
Daniel pedro
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