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Inventions Because of Space Exploration

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Chloe Galecki

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Inventions Because of Space Exploration

Emily Kleman
Chloe Galecki What Inventions were Made
because of Space Exploration? Tv Satelite - To help
sailors see far things. As time went by
the telescope became used by scientist
for Space Exploration. Telescopes NASA developed ways to get signals from spacecraft to produce clearer images of inside the human body. Medical Imaging The Space Pen can write:
- Upside down
- Under water
- Over grease
- In freezing cold
- Boiling heat
- In outer space
-Its in black ink Space Pens NASA needed a tool that astronauts could use to take
samples of rocks & so they invented a battery powered,
motor drill.
- technology designed to drill for moon samples. Cordless Tools These gloves and boots have:
- Heating elements
- They run on rechargeable batteries
- This technology was adapted from a spacesuit design for the Apollo astronauts Thermal Gloves
& Boots -Nasa invented
-First adjustable smoke detector
- Its with sensitivity levels
to prevent false alarms. Smoke Detectors -Technology used to fix errors in spacecraft signals
-Helps reduce mixed up pictures and sound in satellite television signals.
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