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Rereading America-"Underground Undergrads" & "I Just Wanna B

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Kayla Hagan

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Rereading America-"Underground Undergrads" & "I Just Wanna B

The Dream Act
Struggles of Being Undocumented
In the reading, Veronica Valdez and Antonio Alvarez are both undocumented immigrants that came over when they were four years old and now they getting their degrees at UCLA. Both of them tell their struggles of providing their money in order to pay for their education because they are unable to get jobs that pay well that don't require a background check. They need the money to pay for college since they are unable to receive financial aid. Even though they are earning degrees they still won't be able to receive a good job.
On the other hand, Mike Rose, a professor in the School of Education at UCLA, shows that students whom the system has written off can have tremendous unrealized potential, and his critique of the school system specifies several reasons for the failure of students who go through high school belligerent, fearful, stoned, frustrated, or just plain bored.
Rereading America "Underground, Undergrad"
What do you think undocumented students are?
"With more than 14 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, it is estimated that some 50,000 high school students graduate each year without legal immigrant status."
"In many states, undocumented immigrants can't apply to admission to public colleges. In others, they are expected to pay full out-of-state tuition without the help of financial aid."
Do you think this is fair? What are your thoughts about this?
Rereading America "I Just Wanna Be Average"
The Dream Act, proposed in 2001, was designed to offer a pathway to citizenship for any undocumented immigrant who enters the United States under the age of 16.
If the immigrant finishes high school in the U.S., and completes a minimum of 2 years of study at a college or university or serves for at least 2 years in the military then the immigrant could receive temporary residency for 6 years.
These students rely on that hoping that one day this act will be passed.
Flaws in School System
Mike was accidentally placed into lower level classes and talks about his experience in vocational education.
He notices that the professors don't actually care about teaching the students. And the students seem to have no desire to learn and tend to slack off.
"Students will float to the mark you set. I and the others in the vocational classes were bobbling in pretty shallow water."
Being Average
Many of his classmates are trying to protect themselves from being look down upon as the "average Joe".
When one of Mike's classmates asked for his opinion on working hard he responded, "I just want to be average".
Why do you think people want to just be average instead of aiming for better?
New Perspective
There was one professor, MacFarland, who changed Mike's whole perspective on education because he actually cared about his students and pushed them to do their work by getting them more involved. This made him want to pursue college.
Thinking This Over
Do you think that teaching methods affects the way students learn?
Are they some ways that you have seen your professor use that got you more engaged in what you were learning?
Coming Out of the Shadows: The Story of Higher Education for Undocumented Students

Take Some Time to Think
Do you think it is fair that the children who had no choice in coming here or didn't know that they were undocumented should go through all of these struggles when they had no choice?
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