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Welcome to ASL 1

First Day of Class Presentation

Sarah Giorgis-Pratt

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to ASL 1

Mrs. Giorgis-Pratt
Welcome to ASL 1
A bulletin board in the classroom will display plenty of choices in advance for students to attend along with our CANVAS website under announcements.

Functions posted will be at various times, on various days, and at various locations to accommodate everyone. With this assignment you will be typing a page response on your experience.

All written responses should be typed, 12pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, double spaced and submitted to me via Google Doc at least two weeks before the end of the quarter.

You should include some kind of proof that you attended (picture, ticket stub, parent signature, etc).

This project is worth 100pts.
I am sure you have a LOT of questions...
Rhymes with Gorgeous,
but with the 'J' sound
As an ASL student you are required to attend one Deaf function at either the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind (USDB) or at a function where the majority of people are Deaf and/or use ASL (Deaf Club Functions, ASL Club Activities, Deaf Coffee Chat, Silent Dinners, Closed Captioned Movies, Deaf Church Services, Interpreted Plays, etc.).
Deaf Community Immersion Experience
Each month you will be given a different person that has significant importance in Deaf History.

Your group will be responsible for presenting the information you learn about that person in a way that is meaningful and will help you retain the things you learn.

It will also help other classmates see information presented in different ways that will help them cross-reference material in their own mind.


Each project is worth 50pts
As an ASL student you will have the opportunity to work in groups to learn about important people in Deaf history.
Deaf Studies Projects
With each discussion you will need to investigate, analyze, and report your findings and/or opinions back to the forum by
Wednesday of that week, 11:59pm.

Once you have posted on the discussion board you will need to respond to at least two different postings by other students by
Saturday of that week, 11:59pm.

Each discussion will be worth 20pts

All these activities are graded. Lazy research, careless reading, lack of depth in thought, no support for your opinions will do you no good!

I may also post additional questions in the forum. If I do, you are also required to answer those questions, and do any work they require.
Intermittently I will be posting topics or questions on our class discussion board for your homework. Sometimes there will be one topic or question to discuss, other times there may be multiple topics or questions where you may choose one to discuss.
Homework Discussion Boards
Course Description:
This course will cover the basic skills used in
American Sign Language including:
so let's get started!
Core Learning Outcomes:
This course is designed for students who have no previous knowledge of American Sign Language, to allow them to function comfortably in a variety of communication situations.
While in your ASL class you will experience the 5 C’s of learning a second language:
Goal One - COMMUNICATE in Languages Other Than English
Goal Two - Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Other CULTURES
Goal Three - CONNECT With Other Disciplines
and Acquire Information
Goal Four - Use COMPARISON to Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture
Goal Five; Participate in Multilingual COMMUNITIES.
Behavioral Expectations:
Our classroom is a designated "safe zone".
What I mean by a "safe zone,” is that negativity & hate have NO place in our classroom.
So, keep an open mind, challenge yourself and allow yourself to be challenged as we learn a new language and culture together.
Respect is of the utmost importance in our “safe zone.” Inclusion of said respect will be for property, peers, faculty, difference, and information presented in the class.
Any form of showing disrespect will result in a loss of ALL participation points for the day.
Turn off their voices and use ASL

Sign with others

Follow directions and participate in class activities

Add to the learning environment in class


Follow the "voices-off" policy during all appropriate times.
ASL is a “hands on” language experience.
Attendance is CRUCIAL and Participation is CRITICAL to student success.
ASL is very active
and interactive.
Students will earn 10 points
each day when they arrive
to class ON-TIME
prepared to:
Any student who ‘chooses’ to do homework for another class while in our ASL environment will have that work taken away, as well as receiving a zero for participation for that day.
Multitasking has shown to affect our ability to learn new information.

To put it bluntly, research shows that we CANNOT multitask.

We are biologically incapable of processing attention-rich inputs simultaneously.
Personal items, including CELL PHONES, IPODS, and personal electronics, should be turned OFF and put AWAY during class (this goes along with respect). Items that disturb the classroom or detract your attention from our learning environment will be CONFISCATED on the FIRST offense and taken to your vice principal's office per the Riverton High School electronics policy.
More on Participation
Other Ways You Are Losing Participation Points
Sleeping = -10 pts
Cell Phone/Electronics = -10 pts
Working on Outside Work = -10
Unexcused Tardy = -5 pts
Unexcused Absence = -10 pts
Talking 1st Warning = -2 pts
Talking 2nd Warning = -5 pts
Talking 3rd Warning = -10 pts
Not Participating/Signing 1st Warning = -2 pts
Not Participating/Signing 2nd Warning = -5 pts
Not Participating/Signing 3rd Warning = -10 pts
Disrespectful language or attitude = -10 pts
Not following any of the classroom rules = deductions to be determined
How are you Losing YOUR Participation Points?
Time for an ASL Intermission
D-PAN ASL Music Video "We're Going to be Friends"
by the White Stripes

So, DONT do them!
What NOT to do...
Voices-Off Policy
I insist on maintaining an appropriate signing environment by making our classroom a
zone the majority of our class time.
Using ASL consistently helps students develop both their
(being able to understand) and
skills(being able to sign) quickly and effectively.
During class students will be required to communicate in ASL or by other manual means:
Body Language
Facial Expressions
Writing it Down
Students who chose to voice at inappropriate times will lose participation points. These points cannot be made up.
If as a class we can maintain a
respectful voices-off
environment on a consistent basis there will be a reward on test days of a i-pod / cell phone / personal electronic party.
Attendance & Tardies
Learning any language requires an honest effort and lots of practice. Students must be willing to participate in class and not be afraid of making mistakes.
It is
that you come to class. Students that do not have a cleared, excused absence through the attendance office will be unable to make-up any in-class participation points or assignments given that day, including Test or Quizzes.
Come prepared and ready to learn; this means
you need to practice signing everyday at home
and complete any other assignments that were given, before class.

Please be prepared with: A
keep handouts organized,
, and

There will be a
by the classroom door that students will be required to sign when late to class. If you have an excused tardy you will
attach your tardy slip
to the clipboard.
If this is not signed you will be marked absent.

Same with unexcused absences, students with unexcused tardies will be unable to earn the points missed for the time they were not in class.
Unexcused tardies will result in an automatic loss of 5 participation points.
As discussed before, participation is vital for your success in ASL.

Missing class results not only in the loss of information learned that day, but the loss of a communicative/cultural experience.

I understand that absences occur from time to time, but you will need to try and recuperate the experience that you have missed.

If you need to make up participation due to an excused absence, you will need to print and fill out the Participation Make Up Form.

Some activities can be done more than one time; others can only be completed once per semester.
Participation Points Make-Up for EXCUSED Absences
All written responses should be:
typed and proof read for errors
12pt Times New Roman font
1 inch margins
double spaced (actual paper, not your heading)

Then submitted to me via Google Doc at least one week before the end of the quarter.
Daily Review Quizzes
Bell quizzes will be given daily in class.
They cannot be made up.
Quizzes will consist of 5 questions based off of the prior lesson.
Question 1 will always be written on the whiteboard, usually a culture, history, or grammar question, followed by questions 2 – 4 signed by someone in front of the class.
When the bell rings I will lock the door and start the quiz. If you are tardy, you will miss the quiz.
The lowest quiz score will be dropped each term.
If you missed a quiz, that score will be the one that is dropped.
Receptive & Expressive Test
There will be approximately 2 - 4 tests per semester.
These tests will include:
receptive test
(you watching someone sign)
expressive test
(you signing).
Be Aware
You WILL be videotaped to ensure fair and thorough grading.

Any student caught cheating on a test will receive a zero for the test and will not be eligible to earn extra credit for the term.

Each test is worth 100pts.
Time for another ASL Intermission
D-PAN ASL Music Video "Waiting on the World To Change"
by the John Mayer

Late Work and Make-Ups
You may hand in missing assignments or take missed tests within one week after the original due date for any excused absence.

All make-up work must be scheduled with me and taken care of during lunch or after school, rather than during class.

If you were in attendance of class but did not complete an assignment on time, I will accept late work, within a week’s time of the original due date, but it will only receive 50% of the score.

Prior to each unit test, all assignments done in preparation for that test must be turned in. I will not except any work after the unit test is complete.
If you are absent it is your responsibility to check our class CANVAS website.

come to me and ask me what you missed! You need to take on the responsibility of your absence.
Hall Passes:
Vouchers: Each student will be given 2 vouchers per term. A voucher can be used to:
1. Use as a hall pass during class
2. Receive 10 extra credit points (5 points each) at the end of the quarter.
3. One "Free" pass for a late in-class assignment (this excludes test, presentations or projects)
*** If you do not have a hall pass to use, and you truly feel that you need to the class for whatever reason, you will forfeit half (5) of your participation points for the day.
Unusual Circumstance:
In the event that a student has a problem beyond his/her control which is not covered by this disclosure statement, the teacher will meet with the student, and, if necessary, the student’s parent/guardian, in order to come up with a equitable solution.
In other words....
I promise I an not that scary!
Rhymes with GORGEOUS, just with the 'J' sound
Grading & Evaluation:
Students will be expected to demonstrate Receptive & Expressive skills along with Cultural and Historical understandings through the following methods:
Any Questions?
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