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Photosynthesis Project

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jenna mccarthy

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Photosynthesis Project

Photosynthesis Project
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Light Dependent Reaction
This is the first stage of photosynthesis. It takes sunlight and water to make oxygen. It also takes ADP and NADP+ from the independent reaction and converts it to ATP and NADPH.
Light Independent Reaction
This is also know as the calvin cycle.
Carbon dioxide is used to make glucose. It uses energy from ATP and NADPH that were made in the light dependent cycle.

Breaks down glucose and making small amounts of ATP. It occurs in cystosol. It makes pyruvic acid. This is the first stage of Cellular Respiration.
Kerbs Cycle
2nd stage of Cellular Respiration. Pyruvic acid is broken down into Carbon Dioxide ( a waste product). It makes NADPH and FADPH.

ETC Election Transport Chain
The 3rd stage of Cellular Redpiration. A series of compounds that transfer electrons from donners to acceptors. The ETC makes ATP and NADPH.





The Recycling of Matter
The light dependent and the light independent give each other energy carriers. The light dependent makes ATP and NADPH and gives in to the light independent. The light independent uses these energy carriers to make NADP+ and ADP. And gives it to the light dependent to make ATP and NADPH. This process continues.
The One-way Flow of Energy
Photosynthesis basically turns solar energy into chemical energy from creating glucose and oxygen from the reaction of water, carbon dioxide and light energy. This is an endergonic reaction (energy requiring). Although it is broken up, it isn't a long, single-step reaction. But to make things simple we can pretend that it is.

Cellular respiration is exergonic (energy releasing) and it creates ATP, which is chemical energy, from glucose and oxygen. (water and oxygen are other products as well as ATP)

Plants take in water and CO2 that humans release as waste. In return, plants make Oxygen, and sugar (glucose) using sunlight.
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