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Endangered West Indian Manatee

No description

Shannon Cross

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Endangered West Indian Manatee

Endangered West Indian Manatee
How You Can Help Save Manatees
Clean Up Your Trash
The West Indian Manatee is
a gentle, docile creature,
they are shy harmless sea
animals. Manatees don't
harm any humans, but
unfortunately humans harm

Why manatees are endangered
Why Manatees Matter
Thanks For Watching!
If we clean up our trash manatees don't have to worry about mistaking litter from food, so
manatees can stay healthy and strong instead of
poisoned and weak.

Don't Feed the Manatees
If non-experienced people feed manatees, the manatees would probably get sick and die. If we did let
a professional feed manatees or let manatees feed themselves
none of them would get sick and die from an unprofessional feeding them.

Don't separate a mother from her baby
How Water Pollution Endangers
When we
carelessly dump our trash in the water it can cause water pollution. Water pollution injures manatees when manatees mistake garbage for food, other sea creatures mistake garbage for food too.
How Loss Of Habitat Endangers Manatees
Rivers, bays, canals, estuaries, and coastal areas are some of manatees habitats. Their habitats are destroyed because of
commercial activities, now they
depend on the warm weather outfall that power plants produce.

How Boats Propellers Endanger Manatees
Due to their dark color and because they are slow swimmers, manatees are difficult to see in the water, so boaters don't know when a manatee is up ahead. So it makes sense that 20% to 22% of manatee deaths in Florida occur from watercraft accidents yearly.
If separated from it's mother, a baby manatee probably wouldn't be able
to defend them self, so they would be
easy to catch for a shark. Also, they could easily
starve because they wouldn't know which things to eat and which ones not to.
How manatees effect their predators
If manatees die out, alligators
and sharks would lose one of their food sources, and have a greater chance of becoming extinct. Then, if they die out, animals that sharks and alligators eat might overpopulate.

Why Manatees Are Important To The Ecosystem
Manatees are important to the ecosystem because they spread seeds from under water plants like sea grasses. They also
cut sea grasses.
An A to Z of Threatened Species by Clint Twist
Brain Pop
The Atlas of Endangered Animals by Paula Hammond
Animals Like Us by Andrea Mills
Some Facts About Manatees!
spends 6 to 8 hours a day grazing
they can do somersaults
it's Latin name is Trichechus Manatus
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